Dark Souls 3 – Darkeater Midir Taken On With A Broken Sword

Dark Souls 3 Midir

Continying the tradition of beating Dark Souls 3 in most original ways, take a look at the video below. Previously we had already news DS3 taken on with bananas, bongosvoice-control, dancing pad and even guitar-controller for Rock Band. This time a Youtube user trflk takes on Darkeater Midir while naked and with broken sword.

Dark Souls 3: NG+7, Midir defeated while naked and with a broken sword

There is nothing really to say here, except check out the video below!

A video of me, beating Darkeater on NG+7, flawlessly and naked, using only a broken broken straight sword, and each time he spews fire, I drop a Prism Stone and applaud him.


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