10 Best Psychological Horror Games To Play

The Dark Pictures Little Hope - Secrets & Premonitions Trailer

It’s finally the time where Halloween is knocking on the door and probably engulfed, ready for the extravaganza. You can decide to do something new this season instead of the usual trick-or-treat cliche.

If you’re this type of fellow that enjoys suspense, shocking twists, and superstition theatrics during the festivities, video games are a versatile form of entertainment that will give you that crazy horror vibes.

The most exhilarating thing is that developers are diversifying the gaming world and no more cruising down the alley, running from the police, or dribbling balls on the pitch every time. You can finally get yourself something to make your palms all sweaty and your heart all racing with some of the intrigue horror debuts.

I swear the cops vested in these video games from the spooky skeletons, ghastly ghouls, and other forms of twists will traumatize you like hell. You can enjoy numerous horror games, but here are our top 10 horror games to play.

Emily wants to play

In this exciting game series, Emily Withers is the main star of the play. It’s one of the petrifying horror games for the Oculus Rift. The protagonist is the pizza delivery guy who gets trapped by Emily and her three dolls.

The player must have all it takes to survive throughout the night between 11 pm-6 am. Every hour of the game stands for a new level. The player should, at all costs, look for means to evade the trap set by Emily by exploring the entire house.

The schedule is usually limited. As the hour changes, new game elements are increased but in a doll or the antagonist. You’ll enjoy every bit of the terrific game at your comfort, either in 3D or in your switch box.

Dead by Daylight

The developer, Behavior Interactive, released this mind-blowing survival series for Microsoft Windows. It requires about five players, whereby one player takes the role of a villain, and the rest of the four are needed to maintain their characters as survivors who are on the run to escape the assassin to preserve their lives.

The serial killer should murder as many lives as possible. As for the survivors, they’re allowed to save each other regardless. To escape the wrath of death, its logic, they use all tactics they can use. They have to play within a two-minute endgame. Get your video game today and enjoy the escapade series.

Dead By Daylight


Pacify is divided into three sub-stories and the videos behind the game appear to be nerve-wracking, causing panic even before you began to play. Emilia, a youngster, becomes a demoniac.

The story is in a funeral home setting where the homeowner takes advantage of an opportunity to use Emilia, and she automatically becomes their medium.

The unmarked dolls symbolize her soul. The players’ main task is to see that they burn the marked dolls used in the entire paranormal happenings with the owners and the clients. Updates are based on the new themes to undertake.

A plague Tale: INNOCENCE

A plague tale is nothing but a game of chance. It revolves around these two siblings- Amida alongside her brother Hugo. They enroll in a nerve-jarring journey of the darkest times history has ever known.

Surrounded by armed soldiers and infested by a swarm of rats. The two realize that they only have each other, and they’ll go an extra mile if they trust one another. The two go through all manner of trials and mishaps, trying to survive against all odds in the scary world.


It’s a game that focuses on building tension and panic psychologically for an ultimate experience for gamers. The game’s plot is on a massive house that moved in slow motion whereby strange things happen.

You’ll navigate through the dark corridors, enter different rooms fulls of corpses. The entire house is full of tragic ordeals where some families went senile, others ended their lives, and others just faced mysterious deaths.

As a player, you’ll go through all these rooms. In each room, you’ll unleash fearful encounters and stories that would leave you all sweaty and restless. Are you going to escape death or join the others? You can only find out when you play. So, get started.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Man of Medan is full of disturbing content encircled on supernatural horror and a ghost-ride around the south Pacific. Five friends embark on a diving vacation. They encounter horrific and disastrous events during their trip. The storm approaches, and there’s a sudden change of circumstances. Their journey is full of freighters.

The curator, who has a very agonizing voice, narrates the story of five friends who went on a journey, but along the way, there’s a fight between soldiers and the officer. The soldiers are thrown into the shore, and somehow they went unconscious. When they woke up, they found out that they’re in the middle of life and death.

An acid had leaked and managed to mix with water to form atoxic gas that’s deadly. The crew goes mad and randomly began shooting each other. The player has to ensure that they save the lives of the five friends. This game’s props, music, and horrifying sound effects will almost give you a heart attack.

Little Nightmares

Get yourself glued to this whimsical game of little nightmares that will trigger your childhood fears to reality. In this cruel psychological horror game, you’ll play as a single. You’re the character of a young boy caught up in the middle of a world full of evil spirits and events.

You’ll explore a dollhouse in the name of offering you a way out but instead full of evil spirits that are hungry for your soul. You’d probably let your guard down in this particular game.


Outlast is a first-person psychological horror game that is so accurate as your image of hell is all about. A journalist tries to unveil the hidden secrets of an asylum. He discovers lots of demystifying secrets during his investigations. Will he stay long enough, or he’s on his way to death? Don’t keep the suspense waiting. Grab your video game today.


Other additional horror games are Awake Allan and Resident evil. You sincerely don’t want to miss out on all these adventurous and suspense videos at any cost. Get these games and other exciting casino games from NetEnt with a single click to https://casinogames.nz/jack-and-the-beanstalk/, where production meets quality.

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