10 Hottest Games Still Set To Release In 2020

Games of 2020

There have already been a bunch of great games released this year but, like always, the dial gets turned up to 11 as we approach the holiday season. This fall isn’t just your run of the mill holiday season either. 2020 is a console launch year so you know all the developers will be bringing their big guns to the table. There have already been some release date slips and a few games haven’t even announced their launch date yet (don’t want to tip off those console launch dates) but we’ve put together a list of the 10 hottest games set to hit store shelves later this year.

10 -Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator X released all the way back in 2006 so it’s no surprise that flight sim fans are excited to get their hands on MFS. The trailer highlights the visually stunning graphics that we can expect to experience when the game releases in just under a months time.

9 – Total War Saga: Troy

If the fantasy setting of Total War: Warhammer wasn’t to your liking or didn’t want to brush up on your history for TW: Three Kingdoms then Total War: Troy may bring the balance you need. Total War Saga: Troy is inspired by the historical battles behind all the legends, but you can bet mythology will find its way into the fight.

8 – FIFA 21

I hate to admit it but soccer is still more popular than football, whether you’re talking about real life or the virtual world. It just so happens that FIFA 21’s reveal trailer is set to go live today (July 23) so we’ll finally know who the cover star will be (Mbappe is my bet). Hopefully we’ll also get more news on what we can expect when the game finally hits shelves later this year.

7 – Deathloop

I refuse to buy a console just to play a single game (Spiderman, I’m looking at you) but Arkane Studios’ PS5 exclusive Deathloop may be the game that tips the scale and makes the PS5 worth buying. The Groundhog Day meets first person shooter is the perfect marriage for a roguelike and the artistic direction in the trailer has left me yearning for this game.

6 – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

It’s hard to turn on a streaming service these days without at least one Viking show popping up so it is of little surprise that the next Assassin’s Creed installment is focused on the Norse warriors. It will be interesting to see how Ubisoft Montreal handles the gritty, brutal violence associated with these mighty warriors. Grab your axes and prepare to invade England and make it your own. Life was hard in the Dark Ages but you’ll make it even worse as you pillage the countryside with your clan.

5 – Watch Dogs: Legion

After you finish up your Viking invasion of England in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, be sure to revisit a near future London in another Ubisoft title – Watch Dogs: Legions. This time around it’s up to you to build up the Resistance by gathering recruits and taking back the streets from the corrupt and militaristic leaders. You’ll have plenty of candidates to choose from, with every citizen that walks the streets of London available for recruitment. Vive la résistance!

4 – Halo Infinite

Microsoft plans on going big with the Xbox Series X launch and one game that is sure to be gobbled up by thousands of easy adoptors is Halo: Infinite. Master Chief has been kicking alien butt since we first saw it on the original Xbox and Halo: Infinite should be no different. We should know more about what to expect in just a few hours (if you are reading this before the Xbox Games Showcase goes live at 9am PST, July 23rd).

3 – Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Marvel’s Spider-Man is hands-down one of the best exclusives Sony tied up for the PlayStation 4. I am a big fan of Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse and I would wager a lot of Spidey fans were excited to see that Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be coming to the PlayStation 5. Just imagine that web slinging and crime fighting action being churned out by all the powerful hardware housed inside that little white console. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Wait, maybe that’s my Spidey sense alerting me to a kick-ass game headed my way.

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2 – Star Wars: Squadrons

We all like a good Star Wars game so I expect everyone is chomping at the bit to get into Star Wars: Squadrons and show off their piloting skills. A new story, 5v5 dogfights, and multi-stage fleet battles await those wanting to jump into iconic starfighters from both the Republic and Imperial fleet. Star Wars fans are a finicky group, though, so only time will tell if Squadrons is received as well as last year’s Jedi: Fallen Order. 

1 – Cyberpunk 2077

I have taken Cyberpunk 2077’s double delay in stride. I have been waiting for this game for years now so if I have to wait a few more months to ensure I get the best game possible I’m all for it. I can’t wait to cruise around the neon future of Night City with a full complement of implants and enough firepower to take out a small army. Or you could take the super stealth and diplomatic avenue and test out CDPR’s claim that you can play the game without ever killing anyone. Guns and implants, am I right?

Did your most anticipated game not make our list? Did we miss a diamond in the rough? Let us know in the comments below.

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