10 Reasons Why People Love Farming Simulator Games

Farming Simulator

Love growing crops, herding cattle, and selling produce? Yes, we can’t get enough of farming simulator games. You will be surprised why people love them. Out of all the games available for gamers out there, it can be quite surprising why farming simulation games are so popular.

Some of these farming games have an old-school, almost cartoonish graphics quality, but that doesn’t stop people from playing these games. People who are into serious gaming often don’t understand why people spend time and money on farming simulators. It is puzzling why something so simple and ordinary can be so loved and sought after.

People may not understand the unique charm of farming simulators, but they have been widely popular since they first came into existence back in 2008. We speculated and found these ten solid reasons why people love farming virtually.

It’s Different

Most of us aren’t farmers. As the world at large shifts away from agriculture, we see lesser and lesser people working as farmers. Imagine being a ten-year-old boy who has never even seen a real farm or a twenty-nine-year-old woman who has lived in the city forever.

Farming simulators allow us to do things we have never done. We get a taste of something unique. Some of these games can be extremely realistic, and we get to learn about various farming tools and when to grow different crops. Some people grow enthusiasm for real-life farming through these simulators!

Getting Close To Nature Virtually

If your real life involves being stuck in cubicles or classrooms with no real opportunity to connect to nature, you might end up longing for it. If being out in nature is not possible for you, what better way than doing so virtually.

Farming means getting close to nature without actually having to get your hands(or feet!) dirty. Enjoy all the joys of nature without getting mud on your clothes or bug bites. Plus, you don’t even have to travel, and you can experience all that anytime, anywhere.

Stardew Valley

Variety Of Options

Even if every game is related to farming, each of these simulators is different. From graphics to functions to difficulty level, you will find something for everyone. If you ever played Stardew Valley, you will see that the graphics style is pixel art, like old-school arcade games.

On the other hand, when you play the latest versions of farming simulators like Farming Simulator 20 or 21, you’ll find that the graphics are impeccable and life-like.

Like the graphics, farming games can come with various kinds of gameplay, from RPG to simulation. You can even find features of farming simulation in other types of games. For example, you can find farming features in some real-time strategy games.

No Competition

In farming simulators, you can go on playing without having to compete. You can compete for rankings or advancing the levels if you want to, but it is not a mandatory thing. The majority of games out there have something you can get competitive about, but in the farming simulators, you can avoid competition entirely.

No Obligations Or Commitments

We all live very busy lives. Some days you may have hours to spend on your games, and some days you may not even have the time to open them.

If a game you play requires constant attention, at some point, you will find it very tiring. Our lives are stressful. If the game we play to relieve stress gives us more stress, what’s the point of gaming? When you are not obliged to play or carry out some functions daily, gaming remains a recreational activity.

You Get To Learn About Farming

When you play farming simulators, you get to learn a lot about farming. You get to learn about various crops, tools, etc. You learn more about how seasons and weathers affect crops.

Some farming simulators are extremely realistic. You get to learn so much that you almost gain at least the textbook knowledge about farming. You get to use different tools and machinery; it is almost like learning from experience.

Farming Simulator 18

There’s No Winning Or Losing

If you play shooting, racing, or sports games, there is always a chance that you would lose. Losing can give us a sense of disappointment and can also make a bad day worse. After a tiring day, if your favorite game also leads to disappointment, it can be heartbreaking.

In the farming simulation, there is no winning or losing, and some gamers prefer that. You eliminate the chance of feeling disappointed, which takes away that fear. You can play the game in a relaxed manner without any tension.

Farming Simulators are Goal-Oriented

One thing gamers love about farming simulation games is that they can be goal-oriented. You need to manage the costs and make a profit. The best part is that you can set your own goals without feeling any pressure.

Following a budget and running a farm is not easy. People like this challenge and aim for their own goals regarding their farms. You can grow your farming business and achieve the little milestones.


How you play your game is entirely up to you. You are the boss, and you get to make the decisions and take your farm where you want to take it. Everything is in your hand, from selecting plots and what crops to grow to hiring people and choosing which cattle to raise.

You can also choose to play alone or add your friends to the game. What you decide to do with the game is in your hands. Playing multiplayer games can be a lot of fun, and you can end up building your own farming community.

You get to Live Out Your Fantasy

Have you never dreamt of becoming a farmer? Most kids want to be a farmer when they are young. Becoming a farmer is not possible without the funds or the training. If you fail to farm profitably and end up incurring a heavy loss, it can be near impossible to recover. Hence, no one gets to live out that dream. Through farming simulators, you get to live out the fantasy of becoming a farmer.


With reasons as such mentioned here, it makes sense why people love farming simulators. Become a peaceful and successful farmer in your free time. Give any farming simulation game a try and live out your fantasy farm life.

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