10 Smaller Streaming Platforms That Are Worth Checking Out In 2021

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You have heard about Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other popular streaming services that might be too expensive. You know, some people don’t binge for hours, so they don’t need to pay hefty amounts to big companies like Netflix. If you are among those people, choose something among the small streaming services in this article, and you are all set!

  1. Crave

Canadians that are disappointed with their Netflix library might find a better option in Crave. It is also ideal for people in other parts of the world, thanks to its extensive library. For 10$, you can get a barebones version of the streaming service, which isn’t bad per se but not great either. For an additional 10$, you get Crave + HBO (includes HBO Max Originals too). Unless you are a fan of HBO’s content, there’s no need to spend extra money.

  1. Shudder

When it comes to small streaming platforms, Shudder is slightly popular among people. It is easy to see why this streaming service is becoming a fan favorite. It broadcasts only horror and thriller content, hence the name “Shudder”. For an affordable price of 6$, you get an extensive library of horror movies and shows, including Shudder originals, which by the way, will give you goosebumps. Any of the top 3 Best VPNs for Streaming would allow you to access this platform from anywhere in the world.

  1. Paramount+

This streaming service may not be on this list after a year or two because this company has high ambitions. It has exclusive streaming rights to ViacomCBS content, which undeniably features some of the best movies and shows out there. Paramount+ also aims to feature films just 45 days after theatrical debut. It includes all Paramount movies, like Mission: Impossible 7 and A Quiet Place Part II.

  1. Apple TV+

Accept that Apple is going to try its hand at every business opportunity available. Not only that, Apple will become successful, and the proof lies in its streaming service that is gradually growing. They launched Apple TV+ in 2019 and gained over 10 million users by November 2020, and if that does not impress you, we don’t know what will. It has a library of unique content at just 5$ a month.

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  1. Peacock

This streaming service is young, but it is already a big player competing with Apple TV+. It debuted in July 202 and gained 33 million users until now, but there’s a good reason for it. Peacock has a free version where customers have to put up with advertisements. The paid version is ad-free and has more content, like WWE Network and NBC Sports.

  1. YouTube TV

This streaming service is on this list due to its lack of popularity. It costs a hefty 65$ per month but provides a range of channels. Whether the price is reasonable or not is entirely each person’s opinion. However, YouTube TV has more than 80 television networks, World Series, and the NBA Finals, and this variety is making some people opt for it.

  1. Sling TV

This streaming service is competing with YouTube TV, so expect it to add more channels in the future. Several people are unaware, but Sling TV has two versions called Sling Orange and Sling Blue. If you are a sports fan, go for Sling Orange, and if you want regular, mainstream channels, go for Sling Blue. Each costs 35$, but people can buy both for 50$, which is still more affordable than YouTube TV.

  1. Crackle

You have heard about Crackle before because it is popular among small, free streaming services. The owner of this streaming service is Chicken Soup for Soul Entertainment, and a majority of the content belongs to Sony TV. It has featured some original works, like Trenches and The Oath, but it is growing slowly.

  1. FuboTV

If you want some stellar sports content, then FuboTV is perfect for you. It has other channels too, but it is popular due to the wide range of sports content. Besides, you can access it from several devices like Xbox One/Xbox Series X and S, smart TVs, Roku, and Apple TV.

  1. Hulu

The most popular competitor of Netflix among small streaming services is Hulu, but it is losing ground. Because other streaming services have emerged with better offers, Hulu is losing its fanbase. Currently, it has less than 40 million users, which might be a consequence of its limited availability. Despite its losing customers, Hulu still has an excellent library of TV channels.

Other small streaming services are also emerging, sometimes with original content. It is unlikely for any of them to surpass Netflix when it comes to popularity and demand. However, they are easy on the pocket, so their fanbase will grow in the future. Some of these might hike their prices after gaining popularity, but don’t worry about it. When these services become popular, we will find other newly emerging streaming channels.

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