10 Tips And Tricks To Thrive In Fortnite Save The World (With One Big Easter Egg In The Ending)

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Hey guys, today the professional gaming store MMOAH will share 10 Fortnite Tips and Tricks with you. You can either browse this article or watch Rage Brothers’ Original YouTube videos to view the details.
1.Transformations for survivor XP

This is one of the easiest and effortless ways to farm survivor XPs, but I think you may have no intention to carry this out. Remember that the epics is your sole choice if you have the most expensive one.

2.Quest line

In the quest line, you have a substantial amount of survivor XPs available. Just by ingesting the quest and completing it as fast as possible. There are plenty of legendary transforms available, so do the quest line. This is the quickest way to power level and gets through the power levels all the way up to 100. Do the quest line, and you will unlock legendary transforms and survivor XP in the fastest way.

3.Farm as you go

If you farm as you go, it will prevent you having to go into levels just a farm. So go there and farm once every couple of weeks and then once you get your Fortnite Materials.

4. Purchasing Schematics and Mats from the event store.

5. Save skill points and progress research tiers as soon as available.

6. Use elemental weapons

When you reach into the upper parts of the canyon, you can see more and more elemental husks popping out. Start utilising elemental weapons to wipe them out.

7.Free expeditions

If you don’t intend to do the expeditions with high costs, do these free expeditions instead. They don’t cost anything, no characters, no research tier points, they are free.

8.Legendary transform keys

After you get through the quest line and start getting the upper twine quests, you will be rewarded with legendary transform keys. Use these legendary transform keys. It is one of the easiest ways to obtain mythic heroes.

9. What llamas to buy?

Stay away from the upgrade llamas. Ten llamas in a row and you will get absolutely nothing.


You can get 100 daily coins a day for accomplishing your dailies. Each week for 700 daily coins, and you can either get Legendary Traps or Legendary Weapons.

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