11 Minutes of Gameplay in the Wilds of Rage 2

Recently, gaming site IGN released an 11-minute gameplay video of Bethesda’s much-anticipated sequel to the popular title: Rage. Rage 2 is a vast, open-world, post-apocalyptic, first-person shooter that incorporates the developing expertise of Avalanche Studios, known for their well-crafted, open-worlds, and id Software, the creators and still the masters of first-person shooters.

The gameplay video shows various aspects that players will experience in this sequel adventure, beginning with vehicle combat, high-speed and brutal, and progresses into first-person exploration and mayhem, showcasing some of the various skills and equipment players will be able to acquire, as well as a few of the different encounter types that will be available.

Almost as impressive as the combat, one of the aspects that really stuck out to me in this video is the attention to details including various applications of a strong physics engine, intuitiveness of the in-game systems, and the vocal interplay between the character and NPCs. Also very evident is Avalanche’s masterpiece work of implementing various biomes throughout the world.

Let’s not forget the appearance of the BFG 9000 ripped straight out of the Doom franchise! But why are you reading my meandering ruminations when you can see it for yourself? Be ready to wipe drool off your chin, this video will leave you hungry for action.

For more information on the game and to preorder, visit the official site.

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