Over 2 Million Players Have Found A Way Out

A Way Out

EA’s Co-Op criminal drama A Way Out was released in late March and instantly won players over. The game is designed around a 2-player playthrough, and EA & Hazelight Studios offered an interesting solution: friends join for free. Basically, once you buy the full version of the game, you will get a chance to invite your friends to experience it with you for free. Send out the invites to anyone on your friends’ list and, once they download the special friend’s pass free trial, you can both play the entire game together online.

A bit over two weeks since the release of the game, Hazelight Studios took to Twitter to share that over 1 million copies have been sold in that period of time.

One of the game developers, Josef Fares, has responded to the message as well:

Check out our review to learn more about the game.

A Way Out follows the story of Vincent and Leo from when they meet in prison through their ensuing escape and the consequences of the choices they jointly make. It’s an interesting and engaging journey which occasionally falls a bit flat in certain aspects. This is our A Way Out review.

Right from the beginning of the game the co-op aspect was shown to be well thought out and organic to the gameplay experience. Both players could hear dialogue and interactions on both sides of the split screen, which could occasionally make it difficult to parse out overlapping conversations, was often a bonus because it didn’t leave either of us feeling as if we were missing out on part of the game. Likewise, the switches from split screen to shared screen were smooth and seemed organic to the storytelling.

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