Here’s 20 minutes of Brut@l Gameplay on Steam

That's a lot of ASCII...

Brut@l is an Action RPG rogue-like from Stormcloud Games. It launches February 6th for Steam, and has been out since August 9th 2016 for PS4. We’ve been dabbling with the PC edition, and thought we’d record a little gameplay footage for your peepers.

Why should you care?

It’s style is unique in that it uses ASCII art to build its dungeons procedurally, and death is permanent. The goal is to make it as far as you can with one of the game’s four classes as you craft your way through the traps, mobs, and winding corridors.

There’s co-op, and a map editor as well. Plus you can save the seed of your dungeon to share with friends and challenge others. Start with a blank canvas or adapt a procedurally generated level with your own flair! Place weapons, furniture, loot, traps and monsters and then share your dungeon with your friends and other brave adventurers around the world.

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