2019 Holiday Game Events

We’re all hoping to find some awesome new games under the tree this holiday season, but let’s not forget that developers always toss some gifts our way in the form of holiday content for our favorite games. Each year more and more games add holiday-themed events, ranging from themed cosmetics to seasonal quests and challenges, and this year is no exception. New events are being announced daily, so if you come across a game embracing the holiday spirit that isn’t represented on our list of 2019 Holiday Game Events, please leave a comment down below so I can add it and let Santa know the devs deserve a little something special in their stocking.


Even the walls of Fort Tarsus can’t keep out the cold of Icetide. In the season-long event, the steamy jungles are replaced with a snowy winter wonderland, full of seasonal Strongholds and world events.

Apex Legends

Get ready to celebrate the Holo-days. From December 12 through January 7, you are invited to join Mirage aboard his custom party boat, the Mirage Voyage.

Blade & Soul

The Holiday Treasure Trove is back. Any character level 36 or higher can unlock (yes, keys are required) the Treasure Trove once a day through December 25th for a chance to pick up some special loot.

Borderlands 3

Experience the holidays Pandora style with the Gift of Mayhem. It’s 8 crazy days of gifts for all Vault Hunters.

Destiny 2

Experience The Dawning in Destiny 2, running from December 17 through January  14. Dress up your Ghost, cook up some cookies, and take down some baddies all in the name of holiday cheer.

Fallout 76

What better way to spread some holiday cheer throughout the nuclear wasteland than a holiday event? Take down Holiday Scorched and nab their presents, build a Santatron, and Twitch Prime members can grab the Twitch Prime Holiday Bundle.

Final Fantasy XIV

Amh Garanjy is looking for someone to be her little helper this Starlight season. Head over to New Girdania from December 18 through December 31 to earn some cool holiday items.


If you missed the live Star Wars event in Fortnite on Saturday, don’t fret, you still have winter festivities to enjoy in Fortnite. Epic Games is changing things up in Chapter 2 by running their new holiday event, Winterfest, from December 17 through January 6. Winterfest is filled with wintery challenges with all sorts of festive rewards up for grabs.

Forza Horizon 4

There’s still time to pick up free cars in the Horizon Holiday Party. Each day a new door will be opened up on the Horizon Advent Calendar, with each car available for free regardless if you’ve been naughty or nice.


Whether you are playing the newly released ArcheAge Unchained or enjoying one of their older offerings, Gamigo has holiday offerings throughout their stable of games:

  •  ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained – Pugilistic and magically inclined gladiators can fight in the wintry arena. However, the most effective weapons in the 3 vs. 3. battles are ice-cold snowballs. The winners will be rewarded with many different merry items.
  • RIFT – Players gather again for the contemplative Fae-Yule Festival, where they can display their winter garments proudly. 
  • Trove – During the Snow Festival, players embark on an exciting adventure to stop the Trovial Warming.
  • Echo of Soul – Participate in the Advent Calendar 2019, bring your help to Santa Claus, find all the evil monsters and stock up on presents!
  • Defiance 2050 – Ark Hunters can claim daily Advent calendar presents, which they can use to stand up to the Volge during the festive Arkfalls.
  • Last Chaos – Heroes can collect pieces of a festive tree decoration. The decorated tree provides an exclusive buff for the holiday season’s event!
  • Twin Saga – Senshi Yui brings the spirit of Christmas to Twin Saga, which invites its players to a joint round on Twitch. A little door in the calendar is opened here every day. Daily challenges entice players with sweet rewards, and Grand Fantasia also features divine events and a new dungeon.
  • Fiesta Online – Players must protect the sparkling Christmas tree in Elderine from fearsome monsters, and sports fans can enjoy a fast-paced ski tournament. In Aura Kingdom, two cute Eidolons beg to be discovered and the community managers of the MMO celebrate together with the players.
  • Desert Operations – Players must stand up to an insane Santa Claus and his frosty plans. The community celebrates the end of this decade with a series of quests. 
  • Ironsight – In the futuristic Ironsight players plunge into a turbulent treasure hunt during the game’s beta festivities.

Guild wars 2

Beginning December 17, Toymaster Tixx’s airship hovering above Divinity’s Reach signals the arrival of Wintersday. Test your skills at the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle, stop the chaos inside Trixx’s Infinirarium, and much more before the celebration comes to a close on January 7.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Part 1 of the Christmas Calamity Brilliant Event has already passed, but there are still plenty of events planned this holiday season in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. You can participate in part 2 of the Christmas Calamity from the 17th through the 24th, and then follow that up by completing all the tasks in the 12 Days of Christmas event.


Winter Veil has come to the tavern once again. It only lasts until December 31st, so get your matches in now! 

Lord Of The Rings Online

Listen up Hobbitses, now’s your chance to partake in all the activities the Yule Festival has to offer. From now until January 8, head over to Winter-home village to collect festival tokens from the various quests and events. 


Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland has already begun. Running from December 10 until January 2, players can collect all kinds of goodies in loot boxes and weekly rewards. A new 8-person Snowball Deathmatch joins Mei’s Snowball Offensive and Yeti Hunter for a trifecta of winter-themed brawls.

Pokemon Go!

As expected, Pokemon Go! has a full list of holiday events planned – scrambled up eggs, a Lugia and Ho-Oh Special Raid Weekend, and all sorts of holiday-themed Pokemon to add to your Pokedex. Gotta catch ’em all!

Sims 4

If ever there was a game that let you go all out for the holiday seasons, The Sims 4 would surely be that game. Pick up the free holiday celebration pack and decorate your sim-life to your heart’s content.

Secret World Legends

Krampusnacht has returned to Secret World Legends. Defeat the Krampus invasion and then take the fight to Niflhelm as you battle the queen of the realm, Hel.

World Of Tanks

Welcome to one of the strangest places to find a holiday event. Running until January 14, World of Tanks brings one of the most elaborate events I’ve ever seen with the Holiday Ops 2020 event. Naval and aerial battle fans will also find smaller events World of Warships and World of Warplanes respectively.

World Of Warcraft

One of the longest running holiday events is the Winter Vale goodness of World of Warcraft, and our very own Catherine Daro was quick to report in on the Blizzard announcement from this morning.

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