2K Reveals the WWE 2K18 Universe Mode

Make it look real...
WWE 2K18 Universe Mode

WWE 2K is always proud to show off how it can emulate the real entertainment side of the WWE experience. This year’s WWE 2K18 Universe Mode shows off just how Yukes and Visual Concepts aim to do this. With everything from a regular show schedule to rivalries, wrestler motivations, and more – it’s about as close to being Vince McMahon as you’re going to get. Read the full blog HERE.

From the site:

Rivalries and Storylines

One of the most exciting parts of Universe is the rivalries that happen between Superstars. Rivalries occur between either two Superstars or two teams of Superstars, leading to a storyline that can play out over many months in the Universe calendar. Storylines feature cut scenes and put the rivals in scenarios that you won’t normally see through regular matchmaking. Players have a choice in creating their own rivalries or letting them happen on their own. We wanted to improve our systems for rivalries this year, and we’ve made some changes all around.

Potential Rivalries

New for this year, rivalries are separated into two types: Potential Rivalries and Active Rivalries. As the Superstars compete in their matches, perform promos or perform run-ins on each other, a Potential Rivalry will be established between them. Looking at the Rivalries menu, you can see a meter for each Potential rivalry and the state it’s in. This meter will build up as the interactions continue between the potential rivals during their matches. Once the meter is full, it’ll enter a “Standby” state and move into the next available Active Rivalry slot in the following show. Think of Potential Rivalries as the build-up to a full-fledged rivalry between Superstars.

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