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Sitcoms and video games are two completely different things until they aren’t. When mixed, the two become a nice amalgamation of gaming and comedy. Add in many different genres of games as internal games within the game and 3 out of 10 will blow your socks off. Terrible Posture Games, Inc. shows off their talents with a title that will make you wonder if you should score their game as 3 out of 10 or not out of respect for the good people at Shovelworks Studios. Here is our review.

When I was first approached to review 3 out of 10 I had very little knowledge about it beforehand. After watching the first trailer I was blown away by how much they were putting in for people to play. First off, 3 out of 10 is very easy to play on most systems due to its cartoony nature. I reviewed it using a 2700x processor, a 2080 graphics card, and 32 GB of ram at 3200 MHz and I never had a stutter, but I wouldn’t expect to either. The adventures you face in Shovelworks Studios go from normal to very weird very quickly. From animators that blow up to, well other things that I won’t spoil for you at this time. It was a definite ride the entire time. It was great to binge these episodes back to back.


Each of the episodes is its own self-contained story while also continuing the main storyline a piece at a time. Follow main characters like Midge and Pylon as you try to develop an endful running game with a surfer and sharks. The main name of the game is the same score that the studio usually gets for its game titles. It is something that you can, and will play, as a side item and to move the story forward. You will see what I mean when I say an endful runner. From the get-go, you can walk around the office and explore everything within the immediate and side areas. Some areas are normal and some may get a little weird so be careful.

The meat and potatoes of the game involve your characters in a sitcom situation. The jokes and hilarity will fly free when you first start playing. The situations that the developers put the team into are hilarious and odd at the same time. You will never know what is coming next. Learn to love your interns, that is all I will say about that. One of the best parts of this series is the mini-games that were added to the story. Some games are simple like the shark game that you play for the main story, and other games revolve around you moving your characters around the office and throwing items around and at people. There are FPS moments, driver games, and even a piece of the story with a battle-royale. Each game mode has a different set of controls but most of them only require keyboard controls making them very easy to play.


One thing that I didn’t like about 3 out of 10 is how short the episodes are. I get that these are supposed to mimic a sitcom but as a game, you would want there to be more content in each of the episodes. Even when you explore everything the episodes are about thirty minutes long, just like a television sitcom. Along with those same terms I might like to see some more mini-games spread into the story so that you can see more of a variety of the different genres in the world today. The next season comes out sometime in 2021 and I do hope to see more episodes and games for the next season.

And here is a preview of what you can expect.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Epic Games Launcher with a code provided by PR.

If you are looking for an escape from the craziness that is life then 3 out of 10 is the game for you. It offers something different for everything between the mini-games, the story, and the humor. Your adventures inside of Shovelworks Studios will take you all over the office and even into some outside areas. Video game development can be a cutthroat business and you will watch how the team interacts with each other as you play through the story.
  • Many genres of games represented as mini-games
  • Excellent story
  • Free
  • The story is a bit short with only five episodes
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