3 Ways to Smash Through Gaming Plateaus

3 Ways to Smash Through Gaming Plateaus

Some people believe that gaming ability is a skill you just happen to have, but it’s undoubtedly an example of practice making perfect. The more you play a game, they better you get at it. Indeed, there can be times when you are just plain stuck and can’t see a way out of it. When you hit a plateau due to your skills not matching the level of difficulty and have no way of progressing, there are ways you can train your brain to game better, often by doing other things.

Improve Strategy

Some games, especially those that involve multiple players, large arenas, or even spectators on Twitch, require some analysis and some thinking. If you’re team captain for a long crusade campaign, you’ll need to think several moves ahead. Sometimes it can be difficult getting to the next level without having the skills needed already. This can be overcome by playing a different kind of strategy game, such as chess. Chess has been proven to help with forward-thinking and making strategic decisions in good time. Many world leaders and famous tacticians are renowned chess players. Learning to think strategically by playing chess can help to be better at gaming and although those who are good at strategy games will be better at chess to begin with, there’s always room for improvement on both sides.


Improve Instincts

Gaming comes down to instincts, especially for less-intensive campaign games. These can definitely be learned outside of gaming, especially if you are reticent to take big chances when playing. For instance, playing online roulette games at sites such as Magical Vegas can free you of your fear of making the wrong move and help you build fortitude and trust in your instincts, especially as the game is famous for having a difficult-to-predict outcome. Despite essentially being a game of guessing where the ball will land, there are several types of bet you can place – from Straight, Split, or Corner to Odd or Even, Red or Black, High or Low. Being able to make these kinds of instinctive gut decisions with little information available and little time in which to make them, as with roulette, can help fortify your instincts. Indeed, gaming will often require you to move instinctively, at a speed too fast for your eyes to process every single detail of what is happening. Learning to quiet the voice that adds caution to your movements can be useful in these kinds of games, as good gamers are able to react and be proactive without having to analyse every movement. Learning to take risks and think instinctively can help you improve your ability to play these kinds of games.

Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

Many games are essentially about your motor coordination. If you spend your non-gaming time doing activities that help improve your hand-eye coordination, you should feel more dexterous when it comes to gaming. For example, playing most kinds of sport can help improve your hand-eye coordination, especially those such as tennis or badminton that involve gauging distances. Football and basketball can help you improve your motor skills. Plus, the benefits of playing sports can assist in boosting your competitiveness, which is necessary to succeed in most games.

Not only does doing these things improve your ability to game, but it works the other way. Gaming can help build your skills in other areas. For instance, those who have a lot of experience with motor skills on games are often quicker to learn to drive, while those who have experience planning long multiplayer campaigns can solve problems more effectively. Gaming is all about transferable skills.

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