343 Reveals Details of Halo Infinite Multiplayer

343 Industries took to the stage at yesterday’s E3 2021 to lay out some of the details about the free Halo Infinite multiplayer mode. The team showcased a number of weapons and armor as well as gave everyone a peek at the locations in the sandbox environment. One of the biggest announcements is that there will be a fully-featured cross-play and cross-progression experience for players regardless of their system. Supported platforms include PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Developers are also sure to please the crowd with the revelation that the battle pass system will have a unique twist. Once a battle pass is purchased, it will never expire, meaning that players can work on progression levels for as long as it takes to earn the goodies they desire. Players will be able to purchase multiple battle passes throughout the game seasons and can manually choose which one they’re most interested in pursuing at any given time.

The team also announced that HI multiplayer will not sport any loot boxes but that there will be ways to customize characters through the battle pass system, gameplay, and other as-yet-unannounced features. Just about every part of a player avatar will be customizable including gear and even character voices and prosthetics. Options for armor include a variety of coatings, emblems, effects, and armor pieces.

Fans also got a peek at some of the weapons that will be featured in multiplayer. These include the assault rifle, battle rifle, gravity hammer, needle, plasma pistol, and sticky plasma grenades.

Viewers also learned a bit about

  • heavy weapons
  • dual-wielding (coming post-launch)
  • vehicles
  • training mechanics
  • server-side anti-cheat methods

Check out the 12-minute long video and then head to the Halo Infinite official site to learn more.

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