4 Crazy Addictive Games That Bring Joy To Our Work Day

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With work feeling more stressful than ever before, few things seem to be able to relieve the pressure better than games – with playing cards, on paper, online, or an App. Smartphone technology has evolved to the point where, even without a connection to the internet, you can play a game or an app wherever and whenever. And though the pros and cons can be debated for hours, one sure thing is: stepping back from work and plug into a game for 2 – 15 minutes might be the ultimate escape from the daily stress.

In this piece, we aim to share some of the 4 most addictive games that you can play during a well-timed break from work. As to avoid the temptation of more involved games that will take us out of work mode, the following games are impactful, engaging, and uplifting. We sure hope you’ll give some of them a try!

1.  Sudoku

One of the most classic games and the first one we have to mention is Sudoku simple. With the flexibility of playing Sudoku on paper in a Sudoku booklet, or on an App on your phone, this game is highly addictive!

With 9 rows down and 9 columns across, each line should be filled with numbers 1 to 9. There is no repetition of numbers allowed in any line – and when they are completed, they should make perfect sense for each row and column.

It always sounds easy, especially when you’re starting, but the more difficult rated Sudoku puzzles can throw you off with one wrong number. Then, you’ll find yourself having to trace back to check that each number you’ve written down is correct. A fantastic brain break, Sudoku makes the list!

2.  Solitaire

Did you know that there are several dozens, if not hundreds, versions of Solitaire? In the UK it is commonly called Patience, and despite there being other variants, the game that most people simply refer to as Solitaire is Klondike. Other types of Solitaire are called FreeCell, TriPeaks, Pyramid, Crown, Spider, and Spades, to name a few!

According to most sources, there are 9 main types of Solitaire. The game aims to stack all four card suits in the foundations as part of the card set-up but you can read more about Solitaire and its development of the various versions to master the game. However, you begin by placing a King and you work your way in descending order, only placing opposite color cards on top of your foundations.

As the cards are all placed upside down on your foundations to start, you must reveal as many cards on top of the foundations as possible, to best play out the card sets.

Rated as the best single-player card game using a standard deck of cards, Solitaire is an addictive game that can provide some relaxing time away from the computer. If you’ve never given Solitaire a try, do so! Who knows, you may have found your ultimate work break game.

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3.  2048


2048 is another game that might physically be impossible to stop playing until the round is over! In this highly addictive game, the fun starts when a couple of tiles with the number 2 appear on your screen. Begin the game by simply swiping the tiles towards each other. By clicking or swiping right, left, up, or down, the numbers will add up when they merge.


It is easy at the beginning, but when the numbers become much larger, you need to calculate which is the most effective way to grow your numbers to reach 2048. New tiles may come into the screen for you to keep adding, but when there is no more space for additional tiles to add to your main values, the game cannot continue and will be over. Space is essential, so think carefully before your next swipe.


It may sound silly, but this mentally stimulating game is a fantastic and addictive one! If you’re intrigued to play and find yourself unable to stop, neuropsychologists can tell you why!

4.  BlackJack

The last one on this shortlist is Black Jack, a classic game that can now be played on your phone. This fast-paced card game is extremely simple to play and is enjoyed by millions across the globe. Originally a casino betting game, it starts before you receive your cards. Make a bet to start the game, after which the dealer will hand you two cards and reveal one of his.

As the objective is to get to 21, or a higher value than the dealer, you should then decide if you want a ‘hit’ of another BlackJack card. If your value exceeds 21, you simply lose the game. If not, the dealer will reveal his cards to see if you scored higher.

These games are all simple, enjoyable, and a fantastic way to enjoy a short break from your busy work schedule! So, Don’t hesitate to break the routine of your hectic days and try them out!

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