4 Fun Alternatives to Fantasy Football

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The start of the NFL season prompts an increased interest in the online football game Fantasy Football. After all, this video game merges the virtual world and the real world to provide a more realistic experience for gamers. However, for many football enthusiasts, watching an entire season and keeping up with the statistics and performances of various players from different teams can become a chore and take away the excitement of playing video games.

If you’re looking for alternatives to Fantasy Football, here are some games you can try:

  1. Online Football Games

There’s no doubt that Fantasy Football is any NFL fan’s dream game. When playing this game, you get to pick your roster among all the NFL players who exist in real life. You then earn points based on the performance of the players in real-life games. However, it can be too tedious to watch NFL games all season long or keep up with the rising stars of football so that you can select the best lineup for your Fantasy Football team.

If you simply want to get your football quick fix, you can play online football games instead. Most games available are free and easy to get used to, so you won’t need a lot of time to adjust to the game’s controls. As you’re familiar with how football works, you won’t need to go over the rules or memorize the playbook to start.

The best part about playing online football is that the real-life NFL games won’t affect your decision-making during a match. You can freely choose your players and opponents and not worry that their performance will be affected in any way.

  1. Call Of Duty

If you just want to take some time off from sports games and explore console games, why not try one that’s played in the first-person perspective? Shooting games are widely popular among avid gamers as franchises like Call of Duty offer vivid and high-resolution images that completely immerse players in the game.

The games’ plots usually require your character to complete missions or win matches to level up. There are also new releases like Black Ops: Cold War to keep COD fans interested in the game. The new series usually offers a different storyline and new obstacles to challenge experienced players. You can also play this video game with your friends as it allows single and multiple player options.

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As the nature of first-person shooting games is widely different from Fantasy Football, you’ll feel as if you’re playing online games for the first time. You’ll get to learn everything about the game from the beginning and slowly upgrade as you complete tasks and missions within the program.

  1. FIFA

One of the charms of Fantasy Football that captures many gamers’ interests is its similarities to authentic football. Not everyone has the chance to watch their favorite players up close, so playing a game with their top NFL picks seems like a good alternative. When you play Fantasy Football, you get to use characters who are also professional football players. You can even make your dream team players from different groups, which can’t happen in a real NFL game.

If this type of format is what you prefer but want to take a break from the Football league, you can try other sports games based on existing professional players. FIFA, for example, is an online soccer game where you can pick a team that’s part of the league. You get to play with the characters of famous soccer players and win against real soccer teams. You can also play it with another player, so you don’t get bored playing alone.

  1. Role-Playing Games

You’re probably looking for a game that you can play for a long time without needing to monitor live updates from a professional league. If that’s the case, then you should try checking out role-playing games online.

These days, RPG games like Assassin’s Creed or Final Fantasy are widely popular, thanks to their complex storylines and great animation. The RPG games allow players to complete quests or go through the game by making decisions that will affect the fate of their characters. You’ll usually stick to one character once you start playing and continue to go deeper into the game as you progress.

It’s a good option for you if you don’t want an intense gaming session and simply want to pass the time during the weekend. You can also pick the genre you prefer, such as horror or fantasy, as RPGs are a dime a dozen. The best part is that most games are available for both PC and current game consoles so that you can easily access them using whatever gadget you own.

Final Thoughts 

Rather than stressing over making your Fantasy Football team or keeping up with the players’ game performances in the real world, you can try other video games that can still deliver the same excitement and thrill as football. Role-playing games or first-person shooting games are some formats you can check out if you’re simply looking for a good quality online game to play when you’re at home over the weekend.

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