4 Powerful Ways to Market Your Mobile Game and Get More Downloads

Mobile Game Downloads

So you’ve poured your heart and soul into developing a mobile game that you think is the best thing since sliced bread, but whenever you look at the download stats, you get that dreaded sinking feeling.

It’s a surprisingly common state of affairs, given the competitive nature of the mobile gaming marketplace. Big-name games get more attention because their marketing budgets are so massive.

Thankfully there are impactful options for promoting your own game to new players, which are also cost-effective, so let’s discuss what these are and why they work.

Consider cross-promotion in existing games

In the case that you’ve already got another game out there which has an established audience of players, then marketing your latest release to people who’ve already proved themselves loyal to your brand is sensible.

A simple in-game ad that points people to the download page for your new title can save you time and money, as well as make more of an impression on your existing player base, garnering word-of-mouth recommendations as a result.

You could even offer unique items or discounts as an incentive to loyal users, which will at least give them a reason to take your new game for a spin even if they aren’t sold on its concept initially. Ensure that the ads you use aren’t misleading or could do more harm than good.

Hire a growth marketing service

In the case that you don’t have the time or in-house talent to tackle marketing yourself, outsourcing this to a provider of growth marketing for web3 and/or mobile games like Upptic is a good idea.

Specialists in this field will be able to provide cutting-edge tactics, such as guerrilla marketing. An example of this is how marketers can infiltrate gaming discussion forums and throw in mentions of your title as part of the posts they publish.

The idea here is that you’re avoiding explicit advertising but instead aiming to make your marketing as organic as possible, to the point that the people exposed to it are totally unaware.

Such strategies are most effective when taken care of by experts since they will already have genuine-looking profiles on relevant forums that will allow for mentions of your game to be introduced seamlessly.

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Offer your game to professional reviewers

Many of the best-known mobile games of the last few years have reached the dizzying heights of having millions of downloads thanks to the exposure they received via review sites.

There are a plethora of popular review sites out there which will gladly feature your game, so long as you provide them with a review code to check out.

Obviously, this does expose you to the possibility of a critic tearing into your game, but this is a risk worth taking. So long as you have put together a solid PR pack that explains what to expect and features media content that can accompany the review, the process should be smooth and might lead to a serious uptick in downloads.

Optimize your app store listing

Like SEO, optimization is needed to ensure your mobile game is visible on whichever app store you’ve launched it. App store optimization is a case of using the right keywords, generating positive user reviews, and tracking metrics to tweak and improve your listing over time.

Speaking of user reviews, another element of app store optimization is taking the time to respond to the feedback that players leave. Whether positive or negative, you will bolster your game’s reputation simply by engaging with the people playing it and who have chosen to provide their opinion.

Likewise, you might learn useful information from these reviews, such as regarding bugs you haven’t identified in your testing.

All of this should come together to create more loyalty among your players. It is only through hard work that a sustainable mobile game development business can be built.

Final thoughts

Don’t settle for just one mobile game marketing strategy, but develop a multifaceted approach and you’ll find that it is easier to get the results you crave.

Also, aim to be agile, and roll with the punches. If something isn’t working, switch things up rather than sticking with existing tactics.

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