5 Similarities between Online Casinos and Video Games

As online casinos strive to make their products more engaging to players, they’re incorporating more traits found in the video game industry. It can also be seen that video game publishers and developers have been looking for ways to draw on the increasingly popular online casino industry by copying some of its formulas.

Due to the two forms of digital gaming seemingly drawing from one another in several ways, there are now many similarities between online casino gaming and video gaming, with these some of the most striking.

Free gaming becoming the norm

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Trying games for free before buying, often via a demo, was a common practice that appeared to die out with the last generation of consoles. But now, Nintendo is bringing back free demos in a big way, including some for many of their biggest games, including the upcoming Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, as we’ve detailed on this page.

In the highly competitive online casino realm, seeing platforms offer ways to play the game for free has been commonplace for some time. The practice has evolved from giving 10 or 20 free spins to new players to now offering 100 at the Winstar online casino, about which you can find loads of information here.

The casino theme still has its place

Along with the most highly-anticipated games on the Apple Arcade, shown in this article here, a classic retro character also joined the innovative subscription gaming platform with Sonic Racing. Sonic is known to feature many casino-themed stages in its mainline series, and now Fortune Freeway at Casino Park has been added to the game.

In online casino gaming, many new games have abandoned the classic casino aesthetic in favor of exploring new environments and themes. Yet, recently, some big-name developers have returned to making games of three reels that feature fruits, bars, bells, and lucky sevens as well as table games in their original forms.

Randomized mechanics remain the most popular

In video gaming, sports titles often rank among the highest selling games each year, with the online competitive modes of Ultimate Team in the EA series being the most popular. Core to these game modes is the randomized mechanic of loot boxes, in which people pay in real money to get a random in-game reward which may benefit their team.

The similarities between video game loot box mechanics and online casino gaming are glaringly obvious, with many calling for them to be designated as gambling, as shown by this paper. The randomization and the potential for a larger reward is why people play slot games and why they also partake in such game modes like Ultimate Team or NBA 2K20’s MyTeam, which features in-game slots and pachinko.

Drawing themes from mythology

Mythologies forged by ancient civilizations from all over the world have always been a point of interest for the creators in pop culture, including developers of video and casino games.

Both game platforms have utilized the rich lore of the Egyptian and Greek mythologies in the past, but now Norse appears to be the in thing, with God of War making waves in video gaming, as shown right here, and Viking Runecraft proving to be very popular at the online casino.

Indie developers have a chance to shine

In video gaming, the big publishers dominate the sales, but there’s a huge market for indie developers as well. Particularly on PCs as well as on the Nintendo Switch, indie games are given a spotlight of their own, with strong games being able to rise to the top, as Disco Elysium did last year, with this article showing that the indie title swept up at The Game Awards.

Online casino gaming offers a similar embrace to indie developers. Not only do indie teams break into the mainstream regularly thanks to their new and novel games, but the big-name publishers also establish programs that help to promote the creations of indie developers.

Online casino gaming and video gaming share many similarities already, with the two bound to continue to draw from one another down the line.

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