5 Things to Consider When Buying a House with a Games Room

Game Room

Buying a house and want to be able to prioritize a gaming room? Here are 5 simple things you should consider before committing to the idea…

When you’re buying a new house, there’s plenty to consider, including the number of rooms, room sizes, pricing, and location. There’s no denying that, if you’re a serious gamer, buying a house with a room dedicated to your hobby might be on the mind. Whether you’re a professional gamer, or just take your gaming hobby very seriously, it’s certainly worth considering.

If you’re new to the housing market but have money to burn, your estate agent will be able to help you to find a home that meets your needs. What’s more, your conveyancing solicitor will then help you to get through all the paperwork, as well as the property chain too.

With their help, you can make your dream of owning a home with a gaming room a reality. That said, here are five things you should consider before doing so…

1.   The Cost of Creating a Games Room is Expensive

There’s no doubt that getting on the property ladder is hard enough as it is. Most young people struggle to save up their deposits and require the help of their parents to get there.

So, although it might seem like a priority to you right now, investing in a larger home just to supply your games room might not be the best plan. Perhaps it could be something you aim towards later in life when you have the disposable income to afford it.

Not only do you have to consider buying a house with enough space to accommodate your dream games room, but it also doesn’t end there. You also have to consider equipping this room with all the furniture and equipment you need to make it worth the investment. In fact, Kukun has estimated that to equip a proper games room could cost you between $6,500 and $19,000.

Of course, if you have the funds, you can skip this point entirely. That said, if you’re looking for your first home, perhaps prioritizing this isn’t the way to go. instead, consider being able to accommodate guests could be a better use of your money.

2.   Think About the Furniture You’ll Need

We spoke briefly about the costly expense of furnishing your games room, so what exactly will you need for this? Well, a few ideas might include:

  • Game chair: the chair should be supportive for those many hours playing your favorites. You don’t want to develop a bad back!
  • Desk: if you’re gaming from a computer, you’ll need a desk to support the screen.
  • Sofa: if you have a group of friends with who you love to share your games, consider turning the room into a communal space with a group seating area.
  • Rugs and cushions: make the room really cozy and comfy by adding in these furnishings.
  • Black-out blinds: no gaming experience is complete without removing all possibility of glare on your computer or TV screen. Black-out blinds should do the trick.
  • TV stand: you’ll no doubt require a TV stand to ensure your television is in a prime position.
  • Game cupboard: if you have a huge collection of game discs, you’ll want somewhere to store them, so a cupboard or stand should provide the perfect storage.
  • Display case: if you love to game, chances are you’ll have a fair bit of memorabilia to stash away somewhere, so why not consider displaying it in a special cabinet?
  • Frames: on a similar vein, you may have posters or signed comics that require pride of place, so framing them and displaying them on the walls might be a nice idea.

These really are just the basics, so there may be plenty more furniture ideas to consider that’ll cost extra. Be sure to weigh up what you need most if you’re on a budget.

Game Room 1

3.   Don’t Forget to Consider Gaming Equipment

You can’t game without the proper equipment to do so, so don’t forget to factor this into your dream game room. Some of the basics to consider include:

  • TV and/or computer: these electronics are essential to any gamer’s world.
  • Games console: whether you have one console or multiple ones, you’ll need these to the game, of course.
  • Sound system: speakers and surround sound might be exactly what you need, especially if the room is going to double up as a film/TV room.
  • Internet and electricity: now you’re an adult, you’ll have to make sure you set up electricity and Wi-Fi when you move into your new house. Otherwise, your plans to game will go down the drain.

4.   Room Quantity and Size

When you buy a house, you have to consider how many rooms the property has, and the size of each one. Some questions you should be asking before choosing a house include:

  • Does the property have enough rooms for a games room?
  • Will you be prioritizing your gaming over any potential guests?
  • Does your partner or roommates agree to a games room?
  • Do you want your games room to be smaller or larger than your bedroom?
  • Is there enough storage space with a games room?

It’s these sorts of logistics you need to consider before diving right in.

5.   Wall Colors

Generally, it’s advised that you paint your games room a muted color so you aren’t distracted from your gaming goals. You could go for one simple color, or multiple colors and a feature wall.

You could even consider the mood you wish to convey with whatever color you go with. For example, blue conveys relaxation and calm, purple conveys spirituality, and orange displays energy and enthusiasm.

My Decorative has some great inspiration for painting your game room. As you can see, most rooms are painted using dark colors, like blue and purple, coupled with creams, whites, blacks, and browns. But it’s completely up to you!

Game Room 2

Think You Have the Budget for a Games Room?

As you can see, the idea of a gaming room might seem ideal, but it’s not as easy as it might seem. Not only do you have to consider whether you can afford a house with enough rooms, but you also have to consider furniture, equipment, and decoration.

If you’re on an unlimited budget, then it shouldn’t be a problem for you. In this case, all you’ll need to consider is how it’ll make your housemates or partner feel, as well as whether you’d like to also be able to accommodate guests.

However, if you’re on a budget, perhaps this is something you could dream about and aim for in the future.


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