5 Website Types Growing In Popularity In 2020


As more and more of our time online is spent using apps and social media, you might be wondering which website types are still experiencing growth and popularity in 2020. Even as video platforms and bite-size content becomes more and more trendy, old school websites are here to stay. In fact, some sectors are experiencing tremendous growth and expansion as we move forward. The year 2020 will now forever be known as the year of the COVID-19 global pandemic, and that means millions of people are stuck in their homes with the internet becoming their main source of information, socialization, and even employments. Here are 5 trending website industries you can count on for continued growth in this new decade.

#1. E-Commerce

Retail stores have been hit hard and have gone through a rollercoaster of changes in the last 10 years. A country-wide financial crisis made consumers more frugal which led to a surge for online discount stores like Amazon, and second-hand shopping apps like Poshmark. For a while, it seemed as though online shopping (e-commerce) was going to completely cannibalize brick and mortar stores. For example, Forbes announced that e-com sales were up 19% in the last year. Now, on-the-ground retail stores are building their own e-commerce websites that help form a symbiotic relationship that allows shoppers to shop online and have their items delivered or can do curbside pick up. These innovative strategies can help traditional stores thrive. Meanwhile, discount stores and second-hand online shops are popping up all over such as the very popular Wish.com and Mercari. It is also becoming easier and easier for independent sellers to start their own e-commerce stores with drag and drop platforms like Shopify.

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#2. Health And Wellness

People are putting more and more emphasis on their own physical and mental health these days and that trend has led to a global wellness market valued at $4.2 trillion dollars, according to Essence Magazine. Here are some of the trendy-worthy health sub-topics that will continue to gain traction throughout the decade:

  • Emotional Support & Self Care – you’re going to get sick of hearing about “Self-care” in the next few years, it’s that popular. Online sites and apps are popping up to connect people with therapists and coaches to help them live their best lives. You can also do online meditation or yoga classes.
  • Diet & Exercise – the low-carb Keto diet has taken up a lot of real estate in the diet industry lately but even as Keto starts to fade, there will always be a new diet trend on the horizon. Diet websites including blogs, subscription sites, and health-related stores will always be popular.
  • Alternative Medicine – it seems the Western world is warming up more and more to alternative medicine these days. People are looking for ways to become less dependant on prescription drugs and looking for cheaper therapies as health care costs skyrocket. Consumers will be looking online for information, influencers, and experts to help guide them.
  • CBD – Probably the most popular trend in health news right now is CBD products. CBD oils, gummies, vapes, topicals, and edibles are all the rage right now. Even though clinical trials are few and far between, users are sharing peer-to-peer experiences with the possible therapeutic properties of this plant-based compound. It first made waves as an alternative treatment for children with severe epilepsy but now it’s being used to treat anxiety, sleep disorders, inflammation, and chronic pain. We’ve only scratched the surface of what CBD can do so look out for health information websites, review boards, blogs, and online retail outlets for CBD products and news.
#3. Online Casinos

Being able to gamble anywhere, anytime, has got to be one of the fastest-growing gaming categories around. Big-name casinos are launching online gambling websites where you can, depending on state laws, bet on sports, play poker, indulge in video slots, and more. Get even more online casino news from Online Casino Gems.

Casinos are leveraging apps, blockchain, virtual reality, and a host of other advanced technologies to bring users a unique online gambling experience they can enjoy on their computers or smartphones. Classic style poker and blackjack tournaments are even going digital these days. You can play solo or chat with others in real-time.

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#4. The Gig Economy

The number of Americans interested in freelancing either as a side hustle or as a full-time job is growing quickly. It is estimated that 35% of Americans freelances in 2018 and that number is still climbing. The growth is primarily driven by the millennial generation who long for more autonomy and flexibility.

Freelancers look for work primarily online, through gig economy websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer. They also use networking sites like LinkedIn and job boards like Jobs.com. The website called Freelancer has more than 31 million registered users. These sites offer a way for freelancers to present themselves and accept jobs. They act as a broker between businesses and freelancers, handling payments and reviews in exchange for a percentage of the profits and sales.

Freelance gigs include things like website design, writing, marketing, graphic design, video editing, virtual assistant work, and just about anything else you can think of that can be done or transferred electronically. The gig economy ensures that millions of Americans can make ends meet with side work.

#5. Gaming Sites

We used to fear that video games would lead to isolation, but the internet changed all that. Now many gamers use games, guilds, and tournaments to socialize with their peers all over the world. Multiplayer gaming websites will continue to gain popularity and build friendships globally. Other popular gaming websites include bingo, trivia, board games and puzzles for casual gamers as well. Sometimes these games are even monetized offering fans perks for pay or including cash prizes for tournament winners. Also, websites dedicated to gaming news and reviews continue to grow in popularity including sites like IGN, Gamespace, Game Informer, and Polygon.

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