5 Year Anniversary for Brave Nine and Two New Games Revealed

The fifth birthday of Brave Nine has recently happened and with it came some news about a few different things going on behind the scenes. There was a showcase, which will be linked below, showing off details for Brave Nine and other titles in the same universe. The two new titles mentioned specifically are Brave Nine Story and Brave Nine Puzzle.

Brave Nine Puzzle is a match-3 puzzler that combines match-3 gameplay with tactical RPG gameplay. It includes top level anime illustrations and you can acquire tons of characters while playing. There will be guild battles, boss battles, and it launches later this year on mobile.

Brave Nine Story is a visual novel title that will have you following the Brave Nine story with some battles, more collecting characters, and focusing on the story more than anything. It is also expected to release later this year.

There are some new items added to Brave Nine for its 5 year anniversary such as the Mythic Mercenary and Runes. Other updates such as boss raids, PVP and more are also getting added to the title. We even got wind of Brave Nine 2 under development currently and there will be a reveal for that later this year. So for all the news and new stuff tune back in later this year.

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