60 Parsecs! Launches 18 September

For those of you that are of a certain vintage, Supermarket Sweep’s headlong dash through the isles was a familiar sight. This September, indie team Robot Gentlemen are set to pay homage to that manic scramble with quirky survival game 60 Parsecs!

Launching 18 September on PC, and costing $14.99, 60 Parsecs! Takes the traditional survival style title’s we’ve seen before and adds some interesting twists. Opening in the midst of a nuclear apocalypse, your team of astronauts is left with two choices. Evacuate and leap out into the depths of space or face off against a nuclear missile. Unlike some of the more popular survival titles out there, you won’t start off punching trees wood or salvaging asteroids right away. Instead, your crack team begins this adventure with 60 panicked seconds to grab everything they need to survive the rigors of space

60 Parsecs is the follow up to Robot Gentlemen’s 60 Seconds!, a comedic take on survival adventures which manage to sell more than 1 million units worldwide. This time the team behind 60 Seconds! aren’t just reskinning their previous outing. Robot Gentlemen promises new characters, a range of new scenarios, and a brand-new crafting system. If you think that you are able to navigate the accretion disk of a supermassive black hole, outwit aliens, or keep your shuttle from imploding then saddle up commander, 60 Parsecs! Will bring this non-linear narrative to Steam soon.

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