7 Great Arcade Games for Your iPhone or iPad in 2021

Arcade Games

As the 2020s roll in, we’re getting more and more nostalgic about our favorite arcade games.  The best thing is that you don’t need to wait for a trip to the mall or find a machine at an old bowling alley – there are plenty of awesome versions available on your iPhone or iPad! So here are 7 great arcade games for your iPhone or iPad in 2021.

  1. Sayonara Wild Hearts

The game has incredible visuals and brilliant animations. Gamers have to ensure the universe’s balance is upheld. The game has a pop culture soundtrack for the background, which makes it more exciting. The gameplay is fast, but because the music played is so cool, players are always immersed in the game.

At Sayonara Wild Hearts, gamers ride motorcycles, break hearts, wield swords, battle dance, skateboard, and shoot lasers.

  1. Assemble with Care

This game has an interesting theme where players repair broken gadgets. Like the title suggests, different parts that are broken and almost seem unrepairable are assembled and put back together.

Assemble with care has excellent visuals whose colors are bright. The game’s provider has also taken care of the soundtrack by providing players with a chill background sound. The game’s thrill is when a gamer assembles all the broken parts correctly for both new and old gadgets.

  1. Bleak Sword

It is a combat game that can be enjoyed by players that love anything combat. It’s not just any other combat, but the combat of the dark souls. The most interesting part about this game is it can be played with either thumbs or just one.

The game is tense and engaging. Players have to be focused throughout or else they lose, which is not cool when participating in real money gambling. The intensity of bleak swords involves slaying monsters, parrying, and dodging.

A bleak sword is made with appealing visuals and a soundtrack that will keep gamers focused and entertained as they play.

Bleak Sword

  1. Grindstone

It is one of the most thrilling arcade games developed by Capybara Games. To make it more engaging keeping players having their best time while playing, the game has been recently updated to add some holiday cheer and fix some problems.

The game involves unlocking different levels. The higher the level, the higher its difficulty. Experienced players have luck unlocking higher levels. With each level, new abilities are unlocked as well, which is super cool.

  1. Pathless

It is a game you should consider playing if you own an iPhone or an iPad. There is so much to explore in this game that the developers have created to ensure gamers do not exhaust their options easily.

Firstly, the visuals are appealing, and the music has been carefully selected to make the game interesting.

Pathless is popular with players that have enjoyed playing on PS5. It was used in marketing it. The game includes gamers going for an adventure where they go hunting in mystical lands. Hunting is done by archers, and gamers show off their archery skills.

There is also an adventurous path outside the archery world. Here, gamers look for secrets and dark history.

  1. Fantasian

The game is inspired by Final Fantasy VI. It has interesting gameplay with twists that make players glued and excited to play more. The game is full of fantasy, but because it is a classic one, it has better features than its older versions.

What is best about Fantasian is it does not use some boring graphics. The animations are well-created to make the game feel lively and bring out a fantastic feeling to the players. The colors used for the game are also great and blending. Although the game’s story is not yet complete, it is worth the player’s time.

  1. Mutazione

It may look like a simple game, but it is the adventure that makes it thrilling. Unlike other games that involve adventure, this one is more of cultivating a garden. The game’s theme of cultivation takes it on a level that is unique and rarely used.

Although cultivation is what the game is about, players deal with unique vegetation. The natural environment is mutated, which brings an entirely immersing experience while tending the garden.

From the immersive feel of Mutazione’s world to its hypnotic gameplay, you won’t want to put this game down. Mutazione has some truly one-of-a-kind features that make this game worth playing – try it today!


It’s time to stop wasting your time on games that are too hard or have tedious tasks. These 7 arcade games will keep you entertained for hours. You’ll never get bored again! Download these now and see what all the hype is about because we guarantee they’re worth every penny (or second of your time).

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