7 Ways Gamers Can Earn Extra Cash – Have Fun & Get Paid!

Make Money in Gaming

Things have changed over the years in the gaming world. It’s not just about enjoying the game anymore; you could actually make some money out of it! Many people wonder how someone could make money through gaming, so take a look below to find out about seven ways you could do so while playing.

1-Upload Videos on Social Media

If you’re gaming every day for countless hours, you can record yourself as you play and then upload it online. Platforms like Facebook or YouTube can be great places for you to show the world who you are and how you pull off some amazing feats in the games you play. You have to start building your fan base. It will take a while, but soon, you will get lots of followers and views, and that generates monetization for your videos. You have to upload quality content—be original and make a persona or character for yourself if you like, as it keeps people entertained and engaged with you.

2-The Big Leagues and Tournaments

If you’re a fan of competitive gaming, where thousands of people tune in to watch and cheer for various players who play against each other, then the big leagues are the place for you. Many competitive games like Counter-Strike have changed the world of gaming—and gambling too. Thousands of people submit their CS:GO bets at VulkanBet when they want to support their favorite players competing. It’s awesome because you get to enjoy watching it as a gamer and make some money out of it, too. And if you’re feeling up to it, you could compete in these tournaments yourself! By entering the leagues of players doing their best to get to the top, you will be competing for grand prizes and large money rewards.

Make Money in Gaming 1

3-Start Your Own Stream

This is another way where you could make some money while playing; it’s different from uploading videos because people worldwide can see you playing your game live, and you will gain popularity over time when you stream frequently. Famous platforms like Twitch can offer you a chance to be a partner. That way, people can subscribe to your channel, and you’ll get monthly payments for it. If people like you and your content, they will donate some money mid-stream, too.

4-Utilize In-game Currencies

There is a very clever way that some gamers make money out of. There are games like World of Warcraft that have a feature where you can buy something called a WoW Token, and this can serve you in two ways. You can buy it with real money for in-game gold, or buy it with gold for subscription time or balance in your game account. The subscription time you get means you get to play the game for free, and the balance means you have virtual money stored into your account, so you could buy anything related to Blizzard games with it, without using your credit card. So you’re basically making virtual money and buying anything you want with your balance as you’re playing.

5-A Game Tester

This is very interesting because you get the chance to try out a game before it even hits the shelves. You test out everything in the game in the alpha or beta testing phases, and you have to report any glitches or bugs in the game so the developers can fix it. A very cool way to make some money as a gamer.

6-Sell In-game Items

This is another way of using in-game items to your advantage. There might be some rare or very powerful items that many players would want. Games like Dota or Counter-Strike can allow people to sell weapons, gear, and skins for real money on different marketplaces online, or through face-to-face transactions.

7-Use Your Artistic Talents

Many gamers have a background in art and design, and they use that to their advantage by making real replicas or paintings of items or characters in the games they play. They showcase it on different websites or platforms, and people order some as commissions. Also, you could set up a Patreon page and people can start supporting you so you can continue making your awesome artwork.

Who would have thought that gaming can be lucrative in so many ways—the amount of time and effort you put into gaming can really be worth your while. Depending on which game you play and which method you’re using, you’ll be looking at some decent return for your efforts. It’s definitely a fun way to make some money.

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