7 Ways To Earn Free In Game Currencies


Ever since video games were introduced to the public around the 1970s, they’ve evolved from being a hobby, or pastime, into something that people can do professionally by earning in game currencies.

Aside from customers purchasing the game, developers also earn through microtransactions or the process of buying virtual goods, such as in-game currencies, using real-world dollars. In turn, these coins or bucks will enable you to have a better gameplay experience since some games allow you to boost your stats or improve the look of your avatar by procuring skins and other cosmetic items.

However, not all players have the luxury to drop thousands of dollars for a game. Fortunately, there are ways to earn in-game currencies without costing you a dime:

  1. Log In Every Day

Most video games give players a stipend when they log in. Moreover, the rewards become more and more significant when you open the game consecutively. This is to motivate users to continue being active in the game and interacting with the community.

It’s best to log in every single day so that you get more in-game currencies. In Fortnite, you gain 50 V-Bucks when you open the game on the eleventh day. This grows exponentially on the 336th day or after one year of being an active player where you’ll receive a thousand V-Bucks without having to spend real money.

  1. Complete Daily Quests

Along with logging in every day, players can also do daily quests to earn in-game money for free. These mini challenges can be shorter versions of the game and may provide more context for the narrative. Usually, these are easy to do but may be limited for a particular period only.

When you do Fortnite’s daily quests, you get the chance to receive 50 V-Bucks. In the game, the mini challenges serve as supplemental activities for your supporting mission. This how to earn v-bucks guide can help you learn more about getting this currency without endangering your savings.

  1. Wait for Random Drops

You can also get the chance to earn in-game currencies by frequently playing the game and keeping your eyes open for random drops. For instance, you can get free CSGO skins within a match. Most of the time, though, the skins that get dropped are mostly common items, but it’s still better than purchasing them using real money.


  1. Sign Up for a Rewards Program

One excellent way to acquire in-game currencies is to sign up for a rewards program on websites like GrabPoints. The objective is to earn as many points as you can by accomplishing various tasks, such as answering surveys from the brand’s sponsors, watching videos, and downloading apps. Then, you have the option to convert these points into PayPal cash or Steam Wallet credits to buy your in-game currency of choice and finally get that item you’ve been eyeing for a long time.

  1. Refer a Friend

Some games have a referral system where you earn a few in-game money for every friend who successfully completed the signup process. It’s a win-win situation because you receive rewards that you can use to buy stuff in the store and, at the same time, gain a playmate with whom you can enjoy the game.

  1. Keep Pre-Release Items

There are also times when developers drop exclusive perks like early access crates or items for the first few who pre-order the game. If you have this type of official digital merchandise, you should keep it in your inventory for as long as you can. In the long run, these items can end up being worth thousands of dollars when the game becomes popular since it’s limited edition.

  1. Move Up the Ranks

The ultimate objective of every game is to get to the highest level in the soonest possible time. Most developers provide rewards for loyal users who spent lots of time playing and improving their skills until they’ve become one of the best in the game. There have been cases of players being awarded money for being the first to reach a particular milestone, like the highest rank or most kills.


Purchasing in-game currency with your real-world money is the most straightforward and least complicated approach to getting skins and items. However, as mentioned above, not everyone can easily make way for this type of expense in their budget. It’s a good thing, though, that there are alternative ways to earn these digital merchandises for free.

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