80s Retro is the Gaming Trend Everybody Loves

Evil Dead

Every year, it seems as if a different decade finds itself the hot ticket in retro fashion. In the gaming world of 2022, we just can’t get enough of the 1980s. It’s an emotionally evocative choice. This was, after all, the decade when gaming hit the mainstream and when technology seemed so pregnant with possibility.

It’s worth noting that in reconjuring the 80s, it is these feelings with which the game developers are trying to reconnect us. They are not relaunching the actual games of the 80s – having anyone play those “8-bit classics” today is akin to opening the curtain to reveal Oz. However, the games do recapture the spirit of the decade, by connecting with some of the great characters and themes that were central to 80s attitudes. 

Evil Dead’s 40-year return 

Evil Dead was the movie phenomenon that launched the whole video nasty debate in the early 80s and led to so much controversy over movie classifications and ratings. 40 years on, the game is no less gory. But it’s a far cry from the mindless gratuitous gore that the creators were charged with bringing us 40 years ago.

Evil Dead is a stunningly made multiplier horror that will get you hopelessly drawn in within the first 10 minutes. Take on the role of hero or villain, gather your forces around you and explore the forests before gathering for the battle of the ages. This is a game that could easily develop into a serious eSport. 

Evil Dead 1

80s vehicles dominating the slots scene 

The video slots section has also been hit by the 80s bug. That’s probably understandable, as those who are trying their hardest to find the best bonuses on Gamble online today were mere kids enraptured by monster trucks and talking Pontiac Trans Ams in their most impressionable years.

NetEnt released Knight Rider earlier this year, and it’s been the most successful new slot release in recent memory. These branded titles can sometimes come across as a triumph of style over substance, but this one has accurately captured the feeling of the time while also providing a rewarding gaming experience. Walking multiplier wilds and a randomly triggered Turo Boost game keeps your attention and can bring serious rewards. Practice has shown that the much-warned volatility is not as brutal as threatened.

Meanwhile, Booming Games is optimistic of similar success and tap into a different aspect of 80s driving excess when its Monster Truck Madness goes on general release later this year.

Dare to enter the Kingdom 

The Kingdom series has already won itself a lot of followers. For Kingdom Eighties, the action steps across into America’s recent history, into a world of Ataris, big hair, and skateboards. Will you answer the call and take on the mysterious force known as Greed to save your family, your neighborhood, and your little slice of 1980s Americana?

The game is expected to be released imminently, certainly before this summer comes to a close.

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