888poker: Online Poker Experience at its Finest

If there’s one thing that 888poker strives to deliver then it is the finest poker experience out there for its users. In a world of immense online poker competition 888, formerly Pacific Poker, has over the years aligned itself with a host of sporting stars famed for entertaining their respective fans.

Former Australian cricket bowler Shane Warne, famous for delivering ‘the ball of the century’ in 1993, acted as an ambassador until 2014. Denilson, back in 1998 the world’s most expensive footballer and World Cup winner when he transferred to Real Betis for £21.5 million, became their first Brazilian celebrity ambassador in 2016. These are 2x global sporting icons from different sides of the globe, and the message is clear: 888poker will give you the finest online poker experience.

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Let’s get the boring but incredibly important bit out of the way nice and quickly. Without software, you have nothing, no Facebook, no Uber, no Netflix. If you’re going to experience 888poker then you’re going to have to part with some secure and personal information, so it’s great to know that they use premium grade award-winning software. You’re joining a whopping 10 million other registered users at 888poker so, like them, we are talking about a level of security and protocols akin to the world of banking.

Phew, that bit’s over. Now let’s look at some of the seriously cool software employed by 888poker and, more importantly, what that means in terms of your experience. We’ve all been involved in the early stages of a hand where you sit out or fold as you don’t want to play. All you want is to see the end of that hand so you can get involved again as soon as possible, right? Absolutely, and now you don’t have to wait out those painful minutes watching your opponents running down the clock and bluffing their way through the hand. Those days are over with ‘Snap Poker’; once you fold your hand you jump to the next one instantly.

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We all like to chat and get the mind games going with our opponents on the table as well. Or maybe you’re on a bad run and want to change the subject to freshen up your brain! Table chat is standard across the industry and has been for years but where 888poker raises the bar is with ‘PokerCam’ where you can really see your opponents; maybe you’ll spot that crucial tell and take the next hand.

An area of user experience which often gets overlooked in favor of quicker, quirkier, sexier, louder etc, is the simple user guide for new players. We often take it for granted that everyone knows how to play Omaha Hi-Lo for example, but if you don’t reach out to new people then the numbers of registered users will stagnate and go backward. It’s refreshing to see that there’s a dedicated 888poker Club User Guide which covers everything from viewing your account to redeeming your Gold Tokens and everything in between. Maybe you’re new to this world of online poker, and if so no worries! Download 888poker, take a look at whatever you fancy and enjoy learning a new poker game.

Whether you’re an online poker virgin or a veteran, you’ll always want choice. With 888poker you not only get a range of options of poker games but also the widest selection of poker tournaments and betting structures. As standard, you’ve got Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi-Lo and 7 Card Stud. Tournaments as ever provide a relatively low-risk opportunity and structure wise you’ll soon get used to the difference between No Limit, Fixed Limit, and Pot Limit.

Finally, we all want to win as big as possible and as much as we love any particular site or brand we as poker players hate to see the rake taking winnings away from the table. 888poker’s rake is generally around the 5% mark which is pretty standard across the industry – not a bad price to pay for the level of experience on tap.

Your poker experience is just that – your experience. And what you consider the best may not be the same as your buddy. But hey, whatever your standards, requirements or online poker desires may be, you’re in for a good ride at 888poker.

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