A Knight’s Quest launches with old school fun

A Knight's Quest

Curve Digital and Sky 9 Games have announced that A Knight’s Quest is now out and about. The game can be purchased for PC via the Epic Games Store or on Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4. Xbox One players will be able to get hands-on the game starting October 11th. The game is priced at $24.99, though PC players purchasing through the EGS will receive an additional 20% off.

Players take on the role of Rusty, “a kind-hearted but clumsy adventurer”. Unwittingly, Rusty starts off a series of events that will bring doom to the world so it’s up to him to find ways around that. He does so by “controlling the elements, dodging perilous traps, and battling challenging enemies”.

  • UNLOCK RUSTY’S POTENTIAL – Our hero begins his adventure with just a trusty sword and basic shield, but he’ll soon unlock ‘Spirit Powers’ – spectacular abilities which allow Rusty to, at the tap of a button, he can harness the powers of Fire, Ice and Time.
  • EXPLORE REGALIA – Rusty’s adventure will take him to the desert town of Zameris, high over the ice-laden Peaky Peaks and into the Cursed Swamp, among many others. Encountering a colorful cast of characters along the way.
  • ENEMIES ABOUND – From General Windpipe to The Watcher and many more besides, the peril is never too far away.
  • SHOW YOUR SKILL – Combat is fast and fluid, and platforming a dream, with Rusty’s repertoire of acrobatic moves effortless to pull off.  Playing the hero has never felt so rewarding.

Developers have promised players a 90s nostalgia experience that brings a bit of Zelda to mind. Players will find tons of action, platform puzzles, adventure, and an open world to explore.

Learn more on A Knight’s Quest official site.

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Suzie is an avid gamer and has been since 1995. She lives in the desert with her own personal minion while dreaming of pixel worlds beyond Earth.

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