A Memoir Blue Comes to PC & Consoles on March 24

Publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Cloisters Interactive have postponed the interactive poem about a superstar athlete A Memoir Blue to March 24th, back from the expected launch in February. The new release date has been revealed in the latest trailer you can find above.

A Memoir Blue is an evocative journey through the childhood of champion swimmer Miriam, in this adventure players can learn of the complicated relationship she shared with her devoted mother.

A unique aesthetic combining hand-drawn and 3D art brings Miriam’s magical-realist journey to life, as she swims into the depths of her memories. A series of gameplay vignettes blends sacrifice and heartbreak with victory and pride as she reconnects with her inner child and deepens the love she shares with her mother.

A Memoir Blue is coming to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC.

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