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Yesterday, one of the most controversial topics about implementing a new trading system in Fortnite was proposed by FireJavi-, a Spanish Fortnite poster, and the debate burst all of a sudden. Here is the quote of the original proposal made by FireJavi-:

“For now Fortnite’s Save the World is one (if not the only one) of the online games with a big international wave of scammers, but they’re not precisely adult persons trying to scam candies to kids, sadly, it is the inverse.”

The trading in this game mode is nearly impossible, “you give that and I give nothing” is the frequent tale due the lack of a Trade System specially designed for this game, you are in need of some Malachite Ore and another person need Active Powercell, all they can do is drop the items on the floor and loot them… but who will loot first and won’t fulfill his word? You gave Active Powercell and the person didn’t give Malachite Ore, so you send a complaint to Epic Games and Epic Games does nothing because we are responsible for what happens with our loot.

The problem is that the scammer history is very, very frequent, probably there are more than 100 scams every minute in the world, only in this game, this lead to a complaints overload which 99.9% of time ends in a no answer and item lost… and those who are frequently scamming people are other but kids below sixteen age being influenced by other scammers.

So what thing can solve this issue? Obviously a Trade System.

The trade system consists in a classic Trading Window seen in most MMORPG games, for do a trade you must be in the same party inside your base, other’s base, or inside any Map Mission. You may request a trade in a new chat tab called “Trading” where the people tell what they want and what they’re giving, and by clicking on their name on the chat window you may join to their party without the need of adding them in your Epic Game’s Friend List (the feature of join without adding them is already available, although most people doesn’t know about it).

When both persons are inside the same mission, by clicking on their profile in the menu, you will see a new choice called “Request Trade”, when you request a trade to that person, it will receive a notification at the left-side of the screen saying “X wants to trade with you”, much like the notifications you receive when someone invites you for join a party. If the person clicks in the “Accept” button of the notification, the trade window will open, and will remain opened until the person dies, leaves the mission or closes the window.”

Despite the proposer bragging about “trading system vanish all the scammers history and no more complaints about scammed experience”, and his promising suggestion of several creatively well-designed restraints to discipline and maintain this hypothetical system at the same time(that almost convinced me he is some senior game developer in the industry), most responses, turned out, come into an indifference to the yearning other than opposing this suggestion directly through these threads.

  • “Sadly I think adding a trading system would only hurt people more”
  • “Trading is not needed. Play the actual game and you WILL NEVER NEED TO TRADE. ”
  • “it’s a big NO from me and many other players with a minimum of understanding of the basic mechanics of the game.”
  • “Now what benefit will adding a trade system have?
    None. The game is meant to be a grind and everything in the game is so easy to obtain.”
  • “Sigh. Trading was never intended for the game. That’s the bottom line.”

What the most viewers first concern of this new trading system proposal is once it actually accomplished, just free the players from “scammers”- which bother most loyal and faithful players less in the first place with very few similar experiences before, and send them into “a spamming land”, where every single player have to put up with the bombs that substantial 3rd party websites gonna drop over their heads on a daily basis . And obviously, something pops out is much worse than that- no one will truly spend time watching and learning from their own mistakes or somebody else triumphs, only idolizing the material and ignoring the tactics, strategy, tricks and fun as well. “It’s the end of a promising game by then” said by one of the supporters for no-trade-in-Fortnite group.

However, some posters expressed their further and comprehensive concerns on the new system suggestion – counterview may stall the trend at some point, but it won’t hold Epic’s decisions up forever – Might as well distract the attention to problem we may have once it’s launched, some gamer offered his thoughtful point of view to conduct an idealized trade system in Fortnite:

“1. Have a dedicated trade chat so that if anyone wants to trade they can spam there.
2. Program the chats to recognize trades (similar to how the censor works, any keywords indicating trade would move it to the trade chat).
3. Have either a trade lobby or a craftable structure in Homebase.
4. Trade post would feature a 2 windows that displayed the item(s), durability, number, level, perks, etc, then each player has to checkmark they are ok with the trade (perhaps a little popup would ask “Are you sure you wish to trade X for Y?”) and if they are sure they would click the box again to accept the deal.
-After the boxes are checked the items cannot be changed and if a player has removed/added something to their window it will uncheck the other player’s box so that people can’t do a bait and switch last second.
5. If people try to drop trade during a mission then anyone that picks up another player’s dropped items must stay in the game until it’s finished to keep it
-Essentially if you drop something you’re letting someone “borrow” it till the end of the mission, this way people can’t trade then leave (would prevent scammer ditching and/or people just plain leaving the other 1-2 players to do the mission alone).”

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