A Tweet Was Made to Microsoft to Release the Source Code for 27 Year-Old Movie Maker, They Obliged


Someone named Foone out there on twitter made a request of Microsoft to release the source code for 3D Movie Maker. This keyboard creator and self-described hardware/software necromancer did what no one else had tried. He asked.

Microsoft published the source code to the web and it is all buttoned up for anyone who wants to take it for a spin. He asked for this about a month ago and the entire tweet chain is very long talking about what he wanted to do. The tweet is listed below.

3D Movie Maker came out in the ‘90s before it maybe should have been out for the type of program that it is. The program allows you to drop in cartoonish looking characters and assets into a 3D environment. You can control their movement on a timeline like more modern movie editing software. Foone plans to use the source code to update this software for newer day PCs. Updating it so that downloading files, encoding, and other things that are talked about in the tweet at length about will make it better to use for everyone who tries to use it.

I have never used the program before but I will be sure to check out some videos that have been made using it.

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