A.V.A.: Dog Tag Gears Up for eSports & Closed Beta

A.V.A.: Dog Tag

Tactical multiplayer shooter A.V.A: Dog Tag, from developer Red Duck, is happy to announce that it will be running its second closed beta from January 18th until the 31st. This second closed beta will introduce a host of new features including new modes, levels and improvements over the first beta. At the time of writing over 8000 people have signed up to participate in this second closed beta and will be able to connect directly with the development team via Discord.

Along with the aforementioned updates, Red Duck is hard at work upgrading the games UI and in-game Heads Up Display. The hope is that the HUD will display more detailed information about damage dealt and received as well as additional data for each round played. In this same vein of development, the latest beta will also include an option to adjust the field of view for players, better sound quality for weapons, new voice work, weapon balance changes and a new map called “Duel Sight.  

If you are interested in signing up for the closed beta head on over to the official site. As well players can scoop up a free giveaway beta key from various gaming sites over the next couple of days.

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