A Year of Rain Plunges Into Early Access In November

A Year of Rain, the brand new RPG from developer and publisher Deadalic Entertainment, is going to enter Steam Early Access. Jump in and to turn back the tide of evil on 6 November.

Set out on a noble quest when A Year of Rain hits PCs for the first time this fall, and follow two friends as they try everything to change the fate of their people. Beginning in a brutal world, players who pick up A Year of Rain will find an environment where the drums of war and the battle for survival are all too common. As the son of a powerful noble and a paladin of the noble sun begin a mission to break the cycle of destruction that sweeps the land, they will face many threats. You’ll need to overcome foes, manage meager resources, and make serious sacrifices to win out, in the end.

Two Together

A Year of Rain pulls together classic RPG mechanics with a different type of cooperative twist. Focused on teamplay, this title is designed for a pair of players. Playing on or offline, the classic campaign features two main protagonists, but that’s not all. The game’s 2v2 skirmish mode and unique Against all Odds adventure all require two players. Whether it’s competing to be the best across a single level or facing off against waves of enemies with your cohort, Year of Rain is best played together.

If you don’t know if this brand new RPG is worth the social interaction then check out the trailer that just landed. Alternatively, head over to the official website for more information. There’s even still tie to get into the ongoing closed beta before A Year of Rain hits Early Access over at the Steam Store page this November.

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