Across The Grooves Gets PC Release Date & Switch Port

Across The Grooves, an upcoming indie musical adventure, will press play on PC this June with a Nintendo Switch version now confirmed.

Nova –box, the same studio that put together Seers Isle and Along the Ege, has confirmed that their newest title is now set to arrive on PC platforms on 17 June and owners of Nintendo’s handheld console will get a version on the very same day. If you’ve not heard of Across the Grooves then music fans might be in for something of a treat. While we can expect this to be slightly more placid than the crushing riffs of Mick Gordon’s Doom soundtrack, Across the Grooves looks set to be magical in its own way.

Everything Changes

Taking the role of Alive, a young woman living in Bordeaux, players trace a path that traverses a sliding door of alternate realities. Kicked off the day she receives a Vinyl record, Across the Grooves touches on the defining moments of Alice’s past and contemplates what could have been. This journey through time and space will delve into the heart of cities across Europe and allow players to experience lights and sound of the continent in a hand painted adventure.

Across the Grooves looks like a very different kind of narrative adventure and should provide some escapism from the massive open world arena shooters that we’ve seen dominate the industry of late. If you’re sick of battle royale’s and want something that is a little more delicately crafted then this time spinning adventure might be worth checking out. You can find out more by checking out the trailer for Across the Grooves above and heading over to the official Steam Store page for more information on this gaming work of art.



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