Action Video Games: Now Streaming In Front of You!

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

The console-quality play of the video games is now becoming one easily available steaming service. The computation of power from data centers and devices has progressed and streaming technology has seen a rapid growth. It’s not just gaming consoles that have changed. How we game itself has changed too.

There are less of PC gamers today than before. Also, more online casino sites are coming up, and people love to play these browser-based games. Add to it the fact that you can do so much more with a Genting casino promo code, and you have more players trying it out.

Action Games and Console Gaming

The way we play video games is now going to change too.  Video game titan Electronic Arts (EA) is working on plans to make gaming interrelated with artificial intelligence to help create ‘real worlds’.

Cloud gaming is where the gaming provider runs the game on its servers. You can stream the game directly to your PC or laptop. Your mouse and keyboard inputs are sent back to the server on which the game is running, by the host app on your machine.

A major cloud operator, Amazon, also owns a popular game-play streaming service called Twitch, through its Amazon Web services.

The news of Google’s collaboration with French video game colossus Ubisoft has also surfaced. This collaboration will be to use the latest addition to the ‘Assassin’s Creed’  franchise, in order to test ‘Project Stream’ technology for hosting the kind of prompt and seamless play powered by in-home consoles. This is an endeavor to push the limits with one of the most demanding applications for streaming which is a blockbuster video game.

A powerful platform for hosting computing in the internet cloud has been built by Microsoft.  Doing this has made such service, a thriving part of its business.

Machine Learning and Gaming

Washington based technology veteran, The Redmond has also invested heavily in machine learning. Major companies like these are who will benefit in the transition to cloud gaming services.

While on one hand, streaming game services are likely to nibble at the sales of consoles, on the other side, they will also bring in more gamers to the fold.  It’s something that will make gaming more popular.

Hosted on servers in the internet cloud, console-quality video game play streamed online as a service, faces challenges like the moving of data quickly enough to prevent lags in action and imagery.

Disruptive technologies such as streaming can work today because of the improved internet speeds the world over, and given the fact that more people are having ‘unlimited’ data packs. The added data storage capabilities is another benefit.

The technology was at its initial stage a few years ago, with high latency and major compression. But now that it has improved, it is a very suitable option for those who can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a gaming PC, especially with the rise of high-speed internet fibre.

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