Active Life Outdoor Challenge – Exercising Fun on Switch

Active Life Outdoor Challenge

Bandai Namco has announced its latest Nintendo Switch title with Active Life Outdoor Challenge, a game that originally was released on Nintendo Wii. Unlike most other games, ALOC invites players to leave the couch behind and head outside to get a bit of exercise. The game is currently looking at a September 3rd release date and will be exclusively available at Target and in the United States.

ALOC features 16 games that challenge players to engage in real-life exercises while completing fun, family-friendly mini-games. Players will be able to enjoy activities including river rafting and log jumping that utilizes unique controls “which feature a pack-in Leg Strap that uses the Switch Joy-Con to measure players’ movements”. The game can detect a number of activities including running, jumping, squatting, and stomping.

The game comes with two Leg Straps, and those with two sets of Joy-Cons can enjoy competitive and cooperative minigames with their families and friends in Multiplayer mode. Each minigame lasts between one to three minutes, and with the vibrant and colorful animations, players can bring the outdoors inside for an engaging and active gameplay experience.

Learn more by visiting the Active Life Outdoor Challenge official site.

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