Add More Enemies to Lords of the Fallen’s Master of Fate Update

Version 1.5 of Lords of the Fallen is out and the Master of Fate Update adds tons of ways to make the Souls-like even more difficult.

There’s a free update available for the fantastic Lords of the Fallen. The dark fantasy souls like RPG that landed last year has a new set of challenges for heroes, titled Master of Fate. Available right now across PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, this is the final milestone of the game’s extensive post-launch roadmap and adds the Advanced Game Modifier System. If you think that this quest to free the world from darkness isn’t difficult enough, now is the time to tweak that enemy spawn rate and dive back in.



The team at Hexworks dropped a trailer to cover the 1.5 changes, which you can watch above. Headlining the new cavalcade of tweaks is the aforementioned Advanced Game Modifier System. It puts players in charge of the challenge, allowing new and old heroes to customize the game experience. Seven modifiers allow the game to get easier or harder, shifting options like the ability to randomize enemies, alter mob density, and even enable a form of permadeath.

That’s not all, however. The new patch brings significant improvements too. Overall performance and stability should be way better, while PvP and PvE balance is now split. New loot-like weapons and armor are now available, while extra quest lines include the Season of the Bleak, Trial of the Three Spirits, and Way of the Bucket. Technically, Way of the Bucket quests started back in Version 1.1.138 but now you can take it on in all its glory. Who doesn’t want a bucket for a head? Warriors will also find  12 new spells, new grievous strikes and ways to cut up the opposition, and a trio of new projectiles. Blood Vomit has the sort of ring to it that has to be seen.

After announcing an intimidating list of updates to hit this finely-tuned adventure, Hexworks has put the power in your hands. If you avoid Souls styled games, then I believe this is a great way into the genre. To find out why, check out our review, and take advantage of the 50% PlayStation Store discount now. Head over to the official website if you want to grab it on another platform too.

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