Adorable indie Slice of Life Fishbowl Comes to PC and PlayStation

Find a new city with a big story on a small scale in Fishbowl

Unpacking, Behind the Frame, and the like have already established that some of the most emotionally impactful adventures don’t need a huge back drop. Now Fishbowl will bring another compelling narrative to town. Putting players in the role of 21-year-old Alo, this cute indie idea heads to the big city and unpacks a monumental month as they step into a new life in a small apartment.

Fishbowl is a heartfelt, slice of life, coming of age story told over a month. 21-year-old Alo is the core of this tale and begins when she gets her first job in a new city. She starts this new adventure living by herself while grieving her grandma’s death. During this laid-back sim, Alo must decide what to do each day. Video call loved ones, work as a video editor by playing an arcade matching game, sort through your late grandmother’s belongings in unpacking puzzles to rediscover childhood memories, While there are no big bad monsters to conquer here, the challenges that Alo carries with her hit harder after we’ve all just escaped lockdown.

This introverted look at self-healing and discovery comes to PC and PlayStation thanks to Sony’s Indie hero Project. This creator hub is focused on identifying and supporting emerging talent from a region that doesn’t normally make it to the top of the Steam charts.

“At we hope to tell stories that resonate with players and stay in their hearts as something special for a long time after having played our game,” said Rhea Gupte, Co-Founder and Creative Director of “Being from India, we want to highlight experiences and narratives from here with a strong social and emotional impact. We hope to contribute to this ongoing movement of how underrepresented stories are important, as they are crucial to building empathy and highlighting perspectives from different communities.”

To get an idea of what awaits, check out the trailer, above, and prepare for a tale that’s not the norm. Head over to the official Steam Store page for more on Fishbowl.

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