Adventure in Aellion Launches Early Access

The Game Production Company has announced that its puzzle-based open-world fantasy RPG, Adventure in Aellion, has launched into Steam Early Access for $9.99. Today’s launch is accompanied by a brand new trailer to showcases the game’s combat as well as highlights some of its most significant features.

The early access version of the game allows players to explore a pair of dungeons and some of the open world. Players are encouraged to interact with the development team to help “shape what will be an evolving, growing world over the next few years”. The community is already invited to check out the newly-published roadmap to see what the dev team has in mind for the game’s future.

  • September: A brand new boss battle! Bug fixes, and additional combat techniques.
  • October: Playable area is expanded to include a new area called ‘Alitha Village’. Added lantern mechanics – such as use of fire and oil in and out of combat.
  • November: A new dungeon to be added called ‘Ameria Crypts’ – head out on a quest to stop the undead swarming Aellion and unlock a brand new magical weapon!
  • December: This is a month dedicated to bug fixes and player feedback, so if you share your ideas for new mechanics/areas/quests on our Discord, you may seem them appear in-game in December and onwards!

Check out the Adventure in Aellion Steam page to learn more about the game.

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