Aftercharge Teases A 3v3 Between Invisible Robots And Invincible Guards

Invisibility vs. Invincibility. What's your choice?

Chainsawesome Games has shared a new teaser for Aftercharge. The game is a competitive 3v3 shooter. It pits Invisible robots versus their creators, Invincible guards.

What’s so special about Aftercharge?

The game is set on distant planet Dusk 11 exploited by the Aftercharge corporation for the energy living at its core. The company is in trouble as their line of worker robots called workonics are defecting because of the planet’s unstable energy. The robotic uprising is putting the company’s extractors in danger.

Players choose their role. Depending on it, they’d have either to protect or destroy special structures. The robots need to de-activate the extractors. The guards need to put down all three robots at the same time.

The game is coming out for PC, PS4 as well as Xbox One next year. Additionally, attendees of PAX East can get their hands on first ever verison of the game. You can read more about it on the official Facebook page.

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