Afterlight Launches Kickstarter Mission


Indie publisher Silent Road Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Afterlight, its own interstellar escape room. It’s time to escape from Titan.

It’s not often that we drop news from Kickstarter campaigns on Gamespace but this one looks like a distinctly different from the explosive RPGs and retro indie platformers that are all over the platform. Afterlife follows the fate of a stranded astronaut. After crash landing on Saturn’s moon the game delves into the mind of the stranded crew. The game’s protagonist, Xin, must update the mission’s corrupt Artificial Intelligence in order to call for help. The introspective adventure touches on ideas of trust and forced friendship, perception and psychological traumas. All f these pose as metaphors for more terrestrial problems.

Afterlight’s aesthetic and gameplay are just as interesting as its narrative approach. A gorgeous 2.5D  approach presents a dust blasted landscape that is rife with visual symbolism. Don’t take that description likely either. The Kickstarter describes a bit more below

“From Andrei Tarkovski’ films, we’ve taken the ontology of humanism and the power of nostalgia through pictoric photography in motion “

As players interact with the environment and their medi-bot, they will solve a range of environmental and physics puzzles. Xin can also enlist the help of robotic helpers to get around the issues she faces, all with the aim of overcoming internal and external barriers and getting home. The Kickstarter presentation also includes some great audio examples and an impressively detailed set of ideas, all of which are too numerous to list here.

Afterlight kicked off its Kickstarter with a huge range of stretch goals. Right now it is due to hit PC with English and Spanish language support if it reaches its goal. Stretch goals include versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. If you are looking for something a little different then it might be worth checking out the Afterlight Kickstarter campaign.

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