Age of Empires Definitive Edition Slips to 2018

Despite our hopes that Age of Empires Definitive Edition coming in 2017, devs have announced a delay. We are sorry to report that we won’t be able to get our hands on it until 2018.

Age of Empires Definitive Edition

The news is a bit of a bigger shock than normal as the game was set to be released later this week. Developers wrote that “it’s a classic and it deserves to be treated with careful reverence.” Of course, you understand that this means that more time is needed to get things “right” before release.

There is this silver lining, however.  “We will be inviting thousands more players from the community into our closed beta between now and launch. This will allow for more in-depth testing across single player campaign, multiplayer balance, fine-tuning the lobby, etc.”

We aren’t privy to an exact release date, but we are assured that the target is “early 2018.

You can read the full notice on the official site.

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