Age of Empires IV Introduced The Rus

Following the gameplay videos featuring the Mongols, the French and the English, the developers from Relic Entertainment and World’s Edge have introduced the Rus to real-time strategy Age of Empires IV.

The advantage of playing the Rus is that the wilderness is yours to command. By using your surroundings, particularly gathering resources, you can build up a strong economy quickly. In battle, the Rus are known for their mounted Warrior Monk that can buff surrounding units, and for the Streltsy, a powerful gunpowder unit.

Additionally, the team revealed Age of Empires IV shortcuts. If you’ve wanted to queue up some Archers, get those Farms quickly constructed, and find that dang Idle Villager who’s just been hanging out taking up space, hotkeys will allow you to do that in style.

Check out the official announcement to find out more.


One of the most beloved real-time strategy games returns to glory with Age of Empires IV, putting you at the center of epic historical battles that shaped the world. Featuring both familiar and innovative new ways to expand your empire in vast landscapes with stunning 4K visual fidelity, Age of Empires IV brings an evolved real-time strategy game to a new generation.

The past is prologue as you are immersed in a rich historical setting of 8 diverse civilizations across the world from the English to the Chinese to the Delhi Sultanate in your quest for victory. Build cities, manage resources, and lead your troops to battle on land and at sea in 4 distinct campaigns with 35 missions that span across 500 years of history from the Dark Ages up to the Renaissance.

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