Age of Empires IV Released

Microsoft has announced the launch of Age of Empires IV, the “first new numbered AoE title in 16 years”. It is now available through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC or for purchase through the Microsoft Store and Steam.

One of the game’s major goals has been to make a city-building strategy title accessible for veterans and newcomers to the genre and series. To help that along, the team put out a new developer post that provides newbs with the information they need to succeed.

If you’re new to Age of Empires: first of all, welcome! Now that you’re with us, there’s plenty of ways for you to get started:

  • Head to the “Learn” tab in the opening menu to find our Intro Tutorial. Our narrator will guide you through the game’s foundational skills, like building your economy and entering combat, whilst you help a group of displaced villagers start anew.
  • Got the basics down? Our “Art of War” challenges, found in Single Player, will help you refine skills and earn medals as you improve on the expertise needed to be victorious in future battles.
  • You can also play our campaigns via “Story Mode,” allowing you to enjoy the challenges of the game, but with reduced difficulty, as you focus on the historical journey and gameplay.
  • You could also face up against the AI in “Skirmish” mode. Choose your civ, your AI difficulty, your map, and ready up!
  • Looking to test your mettle against other players? Jump into multiplayer and select “Quick Match” or create a Custom Game. How you play is up to you! From maps to win conditions, no game will be the same.
  • We’ve also provided a breakdown of the hotkeys here on Xbox Wire for easy reference.

Check out the Age of Empires IV official site to learn more.

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