Agents of Mayhem releases August 15th – Volitions follow up to Saint’s Row

We’ve finally got a release date for Volition’s follow up to Saint’s Row The Third – Agents of Mayhem releases August 15th, and man is it looking good. Kind of like Crackdown meets Saint’s Row, meets The Superfriends. Frankly, it’s looking absolutely solid. You’ve a cast of 12 different superheroes, and can swap between your chosen team of three at any time. Each one has their own looks, personality, and special skills. Don’t go thinking that these superheroes are about punching and traditional superpowers though, as Agents of Mayhem definitely seems to carry the same penchant for crazy weaponry that made Saint’s Row so popular.

You can pre-order and read up here.

What is Agents of Mayhem?

Agents of MAYHEM is an single-player, open-world, third-person action game for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC gaming systems. Fun, funny and full of high-action moments and laugh-out-loud scenarios, in Agents of MAYHEM, you run a no-holds barred operation against the shadowy super-villain organization, LEGION, fighting to take back the world after the horrors of Devil’s Night.

Explore the futuristic city of Seoul with a team of three interchangeable agents, each with their own distinct look, sense of humour, weapons, and skillset, with only one aim: to destroy LEGION, its operatives and their vile plans to take over the world.

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