Agon by AOC Get Nvidia Reflex On Mice And Monitors

Agon by AOC Get Nvidia Reflex On Mice And Monitors - AG274QGM_FTR_AGON

AGon by AOC is ready for Nvidia Reflex with the news that the AGON PRO AG274QGM is coming to stores and the AOC GAMING GM510 mouse is getting Nvidia’s new niche product.

As Nvidia has announced a bunch of new tech during CES 2022, it’s no surprise that we’re getting plenty of refreshed monitors to complement the GPU upgrades. Agon, the gaming brand of AOC, has jsut confirmed that players looking to make the most of Nvidia’s new Reflex tech will be able to pick up the Reflex enabled Agon PRO AG274QGM soon. This new mini LED monitor is set to land on store shelves and desktops sporting a QHD resolution and a stunning 300Hz refresh rate for some of the fastest gaming we’ve seen. The newest monitor to come out of AOC, blows by much of the competition, backing up the AG274QGM with a 1 ms GtG response time and Nvidia Reflex support, meaning milliseconds will really count in the arena and it’s not going to be your monitor’s fault if you miss a headshot.

Much like the AOC AG324UX, the AG274QGM should provide an excellent picture for any situation. The IPS panel is backed by 576 dimmable zones and HDR 1000 certification, so if your friends don’t blow you away the picture probably will. Much like most of the Agon range, this is also bundled with RGB zones, plenty of high speed USB connectivity, and G-Sync compatibility.

For those that missed the Nvidia CES stream, the Nvidia Reflex Analyzer detects clicks coming from a gaming mouse and measures the time to the resulting pixels to change (e.g. a muzzle flash of a gun) on the display. This dedicated piece of kit is assisted by the new AOC GAMING GM510 NVIDIA Reflex mouse. Pairing Reflex support with the AG274QGM’s onboard hardware will provide the swiftest support for anybody on the battlefield. Sporting a high-quality Pixart PMW3389 sensor and Kailh switches that come rated for 80 million clicks, the AOC GM510 is out now for £35.99, but a drop in the ocean when winning is priceless.

If you’re interested in seeing if Nvidia Reflex will get you ahead, check out more about the AG274QGM on the official Agon by AOC website.

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