Ahoy! Pirates of Gravitae Cruising to Early Access in March

Innerverse Games has announced that its gravity-defying game, Pirates of Gravitae, will be cruising to an early access release date of March 31, 2022. The game will be available on Steam starting that date with players able to purchase access for $9.99 with a 10% discount at launch.

The game is considered an action roguelike title with fast-paced aerial combat. Players control a gravity-defying pirate ship and command an eclectic crew as they try to stop a global trade empire that threatens the existence of Earth itself.


  • Run based campaign where every defeat gets you closer to final victory, with persistent ability, unlocks, and upgrades across runs
  • Combine up to three from 13 different weapons, defensive measures, and maneuvers (more coming) to find your optimal load-out
  • Equip your sailors with over 60 different randomized loot items, allowing different ‘builds’ for each run (more coming)
  • Train your crew for persistent stat upgrades across 8 different stats for your ship
  • Optimize your build to suit your play style: high or low altitude, day or night encounters, strong winds, or clear skies. It all makes a difference.
  • Raid treasure galleons, bombard forts from above, dominate the skies

Check out the Pirates of Gravitae Steam page to learn more.

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