Akupara Games Announce Behind The Frame

Behind The Frame, a gorgeous indie adventure that will color in all your feels is coming westward thanks to Akupara Games.

Behind The Frame, an utterly gorgeous narrative tale from Taiwanese indie Silver Lining Studios is coming westward sometime soon, thanks to Akupara games. The publisher that you might know better for our supernatural favorite, Darkside Detective or Gone Viral, is about to ask players on PC to pick up a brush and easel their way into a new tale where a passionate artist, seek the missing colors that will bring your paintings to life.

Looking Pretty Good

While the introduction might seem somewhat vague, the mix of intricated painterly art, an easy listening soundtrack, and escape room styled puzzles drew our attention. Taking some very obvious inspiration from Miazaki, of Studio Ghibli fame, players will dive into a world of bright landscapes and wistful scenes. You’ll paint, sketch, and retouch your artwork in order to complete a picture, piece together your memories, and uncover the mystery behind this entire endeavour.

While it might sound difficult to pin down without a frag count, we’re pretty certain fans of titles, like Gris are going to love this new title. With a raft of accolades behind it already, Behind The Frame should be hanging in the Steam Store soon. Until then, check out the trailer for this and maybe head over to the Steam Store to find out more about behind The Frame.

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