Albion Online Mobile to Launch on June 9th

Sandbox Interactive has announced that the mobile version of its hit MMORPG Albion Online will be launching on June 9th. Players will be able to secure a copy of the game for iOS via the App Store or Android devices via Google Play.

Developers have been promising the game’s community that the mobile version will bring a full cross-platform MMO experience to fans. The mobile version offers players the same game experience that PC players have with players taking part via a single global server. “Character actions and progression are persistent no matter which platform is used and players have the option to switch between platforms at any time”. In addition, and once the mobile version goes live, players will be able to take home a unique Mount Skin and Tomes worth 100,000 Fame as a reward for participating in cross play.

To showcase what the community can expect from the mobile version of AO, game director Robin Henkys took part in a Dev Talk video where he also announced the details about the upcoming launch.

Check out the video and then head to the Albion Online official site to learn more.

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