Albion Online – Rise of Avalon Coming This August

The developers from Sandbox Interactive have announced that the next major update for Albion Online, Rise of Avalon, will launch in August. The team even prepared the special teaser trailer you can find above. There will also be a series of Dev talks about the upcoming features that will be releasing over the next few weeks:

The update will include:

Avalonian Weapons: The Next Step in Combat

New weapons that use the long-dormant technologies of the mighty Avalonians will bring tremendous shifts to combat in Albion Online. From the fearsome Avalonian Cannon with its continually movable beam to the Avalonian Cursed Staff that summons an enemy’s cursed inner spirit, these weapons will shake up Albion’s combat meta and keep battles fresh, fun, and unpredictable.

Roads of Avalon: In the Footsteps of the Ancients

Roads of Avalon are paths that have been hidden in the mists of Albion for millennia. This mystical new realm will soon be yours to explore, offering new wonders… and new dangers. In addition to creating unique and ever-changing connections throughout the world, they will be a source for valuable loot and resources for those willing to delve deep into the unknown. And for those looking to live outside the political sphere of the Outlands, the Roads of Avalon will even have spots where Hideouts can be constructed.

Corrupted Dungeons: Face Your Demons

The sanctified Roads of Avalon will have their dark counterpart in the new Corrupted Dungeons, realms of darkness and fire brought forth by demonic forces. These new dungeons close once entered, offering a new type of single-player PvE experience. But beware: they can also be invaded by other players seeking to hunt down those facing the demons, leading to 1v1 PvP fights among demonic foes and hazards.

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